Cornell vs. SCI-Arc (M.Arch I)


Hey Everyone,

I am an international student confused between Cornell and SCI-Arc for my M.Arch I.

Surely, Cornell being Cornell sounds tempting, and I find SCI-Arc's pedagogy to be a bit of a rebel without a cause .. though I have to say, SCI-Arc puts out the most interesting work I have ever seen. But, the most important factor I think in choosing a school is how much does it teach you about being a professional. I am worried that Cornell being at a place like Ithica, will not introduce me to the professional side of architecture as much as SCI-Arc being in LA, full of practising architects as professors and firms in the city, will. I don't wanna spend 3.5 years of my life just studying to finally come out with little to no idea about where to start and what to expect !

Anyone having any insight into these matters, please share your views. They will be deeply appreciated.


PS: Also, is anyone here still figuring out how to show the insane amount of money Cornell needs in its Financial Requirement From for internationals ? I think its the only school that needs to see the 3.5 year of tuition and living expenses lying, gathering dust in your bank account !!

Apr 15, 13 4:02 pm

Anyone ?

Apr 18, 13 7:19 am


Apr 18, 13 2:13 pm

Agreed, mostly because I am going.  Don't know much about SCI-Arc, but Cornell's open house really impressed me.

Apr 18, 13 2:33 pm

Jacob, I would love to hear about the Cornell open house !! Anything you can tell me will be very helpful. What things impressed you the most ? What do you think the future holds after Cornell ? .. This is me.

Apr 18, 13 4:27 pm

I went to Sciarc for undergrad and doing a master in Cornell. 

I still think Sciarc has the best curriculum and the best quality of student works in the country that other schools won’t even compete. You can just visualize how much time and efforts people put in their work on Sciarc Instagram. You can check out cornell’s Instagram account, which is totally not compelling. The two schools are too extreme to compare, I think Cornell tends to be more theoretical, and I personally feel that Sciarc gives people strong skills to construct a big interesting project. Other schools are just big names teaching boring stuff.

Jun 18, 19 10:43 am

I've had co-workers from both Cornell and Sci_arch

the Sci-arch grads are good designers - the Cornell grads tend to move into PA type roles, better at leadership

Jun 18, 19 11:58 am

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