Laptop/graphic card for Rhino?


I have to buy a new laptop that goes well with Rhino latest version.
I am considering both PC and MAC.
I have a budget of maximum 2000 dollars.
I want something reliable and, good service is important.

Is the MACBOOK PRO with 128mb grafics card work for Rhino?

My Acer Travellmate 8208 is dying on me already and the service is close to non existing. The performance of the machine has been a real disappointment and it does not match the specs. And worst of all the graphic card ATI Radeon X1600 (the whole reason I bought the thing) was not really compatible with Rhino, so I actually have to turn the processor accelleration down for it to work.

Jan 28, 08 5:41 am
FOG Lite

stick with an Nvidea card and you should be fine, just remember you'll have to shell out another $100 to buy a Windows OS if you get a mac.

Jan 28, 08 7:43 am

Rhinoceros runs pretty well on any getup just make sure you maximize your ram

i run it on a tablet that i got for 600 np.

PS there are better versions of windows than the ones from Microsoft

Jan 28, 08 11:06 am

What do you mean better versions of windows than ones from Microsoft?

Jan 28, 08 12:39 pm

yes, please explain...

Jan 28, 08 2:04 pm

Oh, and BTW, i'm pretty sure Rhino runs an OpenGL language, so getting something like an ATI FireGL card may let it run a little faster just realize renders always run off the processor.

And good luck finding a FireGL card or Nvidia equivalent in a lappy for less than $2000. Your best bet: get an integrated graphics card (at least 128 mb though) and use the money you saved to max out on RAM and processor speed.

Jan 28, 08 2:09 pm

And forget the MAC until rhino runs on OSX, no point spending 2500 on a macbook + windows when a pc will run it faster for half that cost.

Jan 28, 08 2:12 pm

i mean when the windows source code leaked now other people make versions of windows like End User Edition, LastXP, BlackXP, TinyXP, eXPerience tiny2003 vista edition, the list goes on if you haven't been paying attention.

i just picked up a quadro4000 for 69 $ too to put in a PCI-E setup with a Quad core w/ 4 gigs of ram and raid SATAII .

for less than 1/2 the cost Apurimac. i just built a Coreduo machine for less than 300.

Jan 28, 08 3:01 pm

But is it a laptop?

Jan 28, 08 3:04 pm

imagine 20mb ram on first boot...

Jan 28, 08 3:06 pm

no but i would never get a laptop after getting a Tablet ever again

Jan 28, 08 3:06 pm

get a SAGER, lots of hardware for the money.
just ordered one, just under $2000 for 4gb ram, 512mb nvidia geforce go 7950gtx, new 45nm Core 2 duo 2.5ghz, from what ive read there really durable and they have good customer service.
way more bang for your buck if you dont mind a heavier laptop.

Jan 28, 08 5:18 pm

RHINO has a beta version for MAC os. try google..haha

Jan 28, 08 9:20 pm

^ its not really up to speed, I have the latest build and there are still some basic things they're working on.

Jan 28, 08 9:30 pm

I wouldn't buy a mac for the beta, i'd wait till the final version's out to make a decision.

I don't even know why I'm waisting my time with this though. Seems every week another neophyte is on here is looking for tech advice and they always seem to want a mac no matter what and they never respond to the advice given.

Jan 28, 08 9:39 pm

haha, that is true..there are alot of people that want MAC to be there for them...

all my friends now have MACs and they all come to me for their pirated shit to run on their parallels..I am all like....

"Try Google!"

Jan 28, 08 9:43 pm

Don't get a Sager. I remember a classmate in tears because the super slow service techs would repair it and return it still broken. Oh, and loner what?

Jan 28, 08 9:48 pm

Also,..Vista sux.

Jan 28, 08 9:58 pm

Thanks alot for the advice. This discussion post is great!

Jan 29, 08 1:31 am

to Antisthenes

Did you mean that tablet is an alternative for Rhino user?

Jan 29, 08 1:35 am

i mean that a Tablet is my only choice as a input devise for any application on a mobile setup now also at the office and at home a wacom is esential for i could never leave the fast organic input ability

just say no to Vista, i mean you don't want to go 1/2 as slow, Vista is not for production it is for a new generation of 'in the box DRM oblivious people' but they are finding their way our fast

Jan 29, 08 10:51 am

I cant afford a tablet.,.but keep hearing such good things

Jan 29, 08 12:08 pm

what? didn't you see they are 600-1200 ?

Jan 29, 08 12:33 pm

wait , i just found one for 150....which is still a hefty price for a input , i am not sure i'll like when you are using it with say the pen easier and faster...etc..tell us why it is better than a mouse

Jan 29, 08 12:43 pm

ahh you mean the wacom ya i got mine on ebay or amazon for 55 bucks (the small one is better i find because you have less are to have to move your arm.

it has a mouse and the mouse works better than a regular mouse for sure because of the tabletness. i switch back and forth depending on the use/application

for sketch command for instance. or middle roll button i can't live with out that when navigation, well i can but i have habits

Jan 29, 08 4:02 pm

Ok. I am a little bit confused here.

Is tablet PC really an alternative for Rhino?

In case which one?

I have had a look at a few, Asus R1E, Toshiba R400 and Fujitsu T4220 and they all seem to have unusable graphic cards...

I need to decide quick.

Jan 30, 08 1:55 am

i have a toshiba tabletPC(satellite) but i always build my towers with asus.

your choice

the asus has a 2.4ghz core2duo 120gb hd looks like the winner for 500 less (compared to the core duo 1.2 toshiba 80gb drive), just max out that ram...

PS Rhinoceros SR3 came out today! :D

Jan 30, 08 3:19 pm

Wow! I am really excited!

So Asus R1E is realy good enough for using rhino?

Intel GMA X3100 sufficient?

I dont mean to nag about this, but I really need to be sure that I have not misunderstod you. Because I am seriously considering to buy it within the next couple of days.

If it doesnt work I am deep shit, because I have no other computer. You see I am working as an ecodesigner in a development project in Uganda, so many people rely on me and my equipment.

Do you actually draw directly on the screen when using Rhino? (as you would on the really expensive interactive wacom tablets?)

Thanks alot for the advice everyone!

Jan 31, 08 3:02 am

the Toshiba satellite has a lower intel video card and it works fine so i say so.

Jan 31, 08 9:40 am

rhino was made to work on any system, just avoid ATI

Jan 31, 08 9:41 am

could someone comment on capability of Dell Precision 5520 as good laptop for rendering and other architectural work. Pros and cons helpful

Oct 24, 18 10:42 am

Dell Precision are great for arch work.. It's been my company's standard for years.

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