M.Arch 1 in IVY or 5-year AA?


Hello, I am going to apply for further architecture degree in 2014. As my undergraduate major is business management, so there're two paths for me to choose. 

First is to apply for the M.Arch 1 degree in U.S., such as GSD, GSAPP, UPenn, UCLA, SCI-Arc etc., and find a job after 3-year-education.

Second is to apply for the First Year or Foundation in AA, a five year undergraduate architecture education in U.K., during these years I could read a lot of books and explore myself less rush, compared with M.Arch 1 program. There is no doubt that AA could build a solid foundation for me. 

So I would like to hear which way do you think is better suitable for me, I am very confused. And in the job market, which program is easier to find a job? M.Arch 1 in Ivy or Diploma from AA?

Mar 29, 13 6:46 am

BTW, I also admiteed into the Intro to Arch this summer. Does anyone is going to GSAPP too or have some suggestions in this program? Such as what books should I read before going to GSAPP, or what software should I learn first, maya and rhino, I guess. So please let me know.

Mar 29, 13 6:49 am

First consider where you would eventually like to practice... North America? or the UK?

Second, getting a masters would be much more valuable to you, since you've already got a bachelors degree... why do another if the option is there to do graduate studies?


Mar 29, 13 9:33 am

About Intro to Arch: you will not use any computer programs except photoshop/indesign to put together your portfolio, and even then it's not required (although they recommend you document your work, as you should). Everything was hand drawn or hand modeled as far as I remember.

Mar 29, 13 2:23 pm


Thank you so much.

It seems that I need to practice on my hand drawing before going to NY. Do you able to make some extra works during the studio time? Can this five weeks build me a portfolio, as my school works are so childish...

Mar 30, 13 11:12 am

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