What's going on with Parsons?


Has anyone gotten acceptance/rejection letters from Parsons?  How do they send them, via mail or online?  I'm getting kinda anxious over here as I haven't heard a single thing yet.  I'm tempted to accept GSAPP but really want to know one way or the other about Parsons before doing so.

Mar 19, 13 11:02 am

I got my letter on Friday. Big packet. No telephone call, but 20k scholarship. Why would you choose Parsons over Columbia? Just curious...

Mar 19, 13 11:20 am

I'm not 100% sure I'd choose Parsons over Columbia, but it would be a very hard decision for a few reasons:


- The dual Lighting Design/M.Arch degree.  Lighting design is a big reason I became interested in architecture in the first place.  I'm currently trying to figure out if there is some other educational outlet that will give me similar lighting knowledge while at GSAPP.


-  The work spaces.  It sounds trivial, but the work spaces at GSAPP were really crammed and cluttered and depending on where you sit, you might not even get any sunlight. Parsons is wide open and flooded with light.  I'm basically a plant with legs, the amount of light  in my work/living areas is SUPER important to me. 

I don't think I got in, though. I called the office today and asked if they would be mailed or emailed. She said they would be mailed out, and then she asked me for my name and then typed it in, and then abruptly said "Is there anything I can help you with?"  I dunno, it didn't seem right.

Mar 19, 13 4:56 pm

I just got accepted to the M.Arch at parsons (my package arrived on March 22).  Did you ever hear from them? Hard to believe that you got accepted to Columbia and not Parsons.  
Kudos to the lighting / work space comparison.  As a painter, I can concur.  

Also, I went to a college school and would like the experience of an art based environment. Columbia is AWESOME.. when I was 18.  The only reason I'd pick Columbia is for the name on my degree and I felt that shouldn't be the reason to attend.  And there's still ways to receive the benefit of Columbia through summer / abroad programs or last resort just sneak into there generic classes and network haha.  Facetiousness aside, I like the immersion of academia/metropolis and I tend to mesh well with what is cumulatively offered at the New School.

Mar 26, 13 11:06 pm

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