Non-cheesy, non-photo realistic renderings for Sketchup!?


I've been looking for a rendering technique for Sketchup that's fast without trying to be photo realistic, and is hopefully somewhat stylish. The one below is pretty much what I have in mind, I found it on the website for Twilight Render (never used it before) but I don't see any tutorials or instructions on how to get this effect. Can anyone share with me instructions for how to get this effect and which plugin I should use? It would be very much appreciated!

Also if you have any other examples of stylish renderings effect that would be very much welcome.


In case the image doesn't upload, it can be found through this link

Mar 11, 13 11:56 am

looks to me like a post-processing job;  a line rendering and a rendering with materials, overlay them, and have at it in Photoshop.  Here's a link to some tutorials on something similar.  Check out the first one on there.

Rather than using shaded view however, you'd be using an actual render to get the kind of tonal an textural qualities in the example image you posted.

Mar 11, 13 1:27 pm

Mixed variety of rendering tuts here too might help...

Mar 12, 13 8:32 am

Those were both very helpful, thanks!!

Mar 18, 13 12:52 pm

There are many rendering tools that are interoperable and/or will run native with SKP (via plugins). A few of the major ones I've seen used successfully:

- V-Ray (this is the one I use most, though it's not as good as the 3DS version)
- SU Podium
- Maxwell Render (also excellent)
- LightUp

Also, you may be interested in this:

Jul 22, 13 1:29 pm

Alex's site, above, is excellent.


I will toss this at you:

An excellent book, with a workflow for the style you are after!

Jul 28, 13 6:42 pm

I'm a huge fan of SketchUp and my favorite rendering plugin thus far is ShaderLight, found here I had absolutely no tutorials and began getting really nice renderings within a couple of hours of playing around with it..

Then it's like Joseph said, that example you gave, as far as I know, can't be done with a single rendering. Most likely a double up on digital rendering and hand drawing. I do like the affect though. Think I might doing something for fun along those lines just because it looks cool. 

Perhaps a different 'style' (one of the thin lines styles) in Sketchup could give you the hand rendered look to overlay the photorealistic rendering...?

Aug 1, 13 7:38 pm

I like to use Shaderlight for diagrams, Lumion for lots of quick semi-rendered shots / flythroughs, and Max + V-Ray for more serious renders, although it's been a long time since I actually have opened Max... getting a good render out of Max (that's significantly better than the standard sketchup renders + some photoshop) takes time so would rather leave that up to the professionals. Also, I like using Rhino + V-ray and it's pretty easy to get the hang of.

Aug 1, 13 8:17 pm

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