Doug Patt: How to architect


Has anyone ever signed up for his architects academy?

I am asking beacuse I want to apply to an arch program and i need to develop a portfolio to get in.

Feb 25, 13 1:42 pm

saw him put a tepee on a roof once, just sayin 

Feb 25, 13 1:58 pm

i'm sorry - since i am not an architect yet i can't tell if that's good or bad, i'm assuming that's bad?

Feb 25, 13 2:13 pm


Not necessarily.  Be weary of youtube videos which attempt to explain architecture.  Many, from my exposure, seem shallow and do a poor job at explaining the components of the designing architecture completely and in a short time (< 10min.)

Not every program required a portfolio to initially be accepted.  Do you have a certain program in mind which requires a portfolio?

Despite the portfolio, it's always good to immerse yourself in whatever field you wanna be passionate in.  Archinect is a great place, perhaps your nearby university has a lecture series (assuming you live close to school with arch program).

Feb 26, 13 7:02 am

you'd be better off reading books, travelling and learning on your own like some pritzker prize winning architects who are self-taught

Feb 26, 13 9:12 am

Thank you for your responses, the programs are M.Arch programs since I already have an ug degree and they do all require portfolios. I know he has youtube videos but he also has an online academy for $150- that is supposed to show you everything to help you get into the field. I don't have the time or ability to do those other summer programs - so I was just wondering if his online academy was any good or not?

Feb 26, 13 9:57 am

Do one of the competitions that require to research and think a lot in a field that you are interested in. 
Personally, I learn a lot from them.

Feb 27, 13 9:09 am

@fobmasta, what type of compettions? I don't think I've heard of these?

Mar 4, 13 3:25 pm

Search Death by architecture. The website lists all (or most) architecture competitions out there. You can read the brief there, prize money, due date etc. Check it out! 
In addition to improving your representation skillz and learning new things, you can potentially make money!

Mar 4, 13 3:31 pm

@fobmaster Thanx!

Mar 4, 13 3:59 pm

Oh and before you make the same mistake I did, make sure the competition is a reputable one. Always check the Jury, the organizer, and so on before you register. There are some scam competitions out there...

Mar 4, 13 4:05 pm

good to know!!!

Mar 4, 13 4:30 pm
how to architect

Hello everyone! I saw this post and wanted to answer @ritawaller. You can check out the Testimonials page on the Academy site - or email me anytime with questions. We've been doing the Academy for almost a year now and it's been a lot of fun. People really enjoy it. Love to have you and email anytime!

Apr 6, 13 11:05 am

check out the Testimonials page on the Academy site:

  • "it was much easier than just beating my head on the wall hoping ideas would fall out"
  • “I wanted to tell you your my hero and Inspiration.”
  • “Doug Patt = Tony Robbins of architecture.”
  • “You sir, are seriously my hero.”
  • "most rewarding decision I’ve made"
  • "It’s already inspired me to some of my best innovations yet"
  • "you’ll probably learn more in 1 month than 5yrs of design studio"
Apr 6, 13 5:55 pm

don't get me started.

Apr 6, 13 9:46 pm
boy in a well

I knew a lesbian named doug pat. she fixed my motorcycle. then she taught me how to architect. would you like to see the piercings she gave me?

Apr 7, 13 1:38 am

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