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Does someone know of any good software to record videos from Internet that can't be downloaed with Flash saver or Getright and programs like that that require an URL?
I'm trying to record videos from this site:
I think it's all flash but the videos are not "embeded" in the web but you send a request for a link when you choose what video to see..

I tried Camtasia -and other similar screen recorders- but all I get are either first 3 o 4 seconds and then all black or directly a blank video... maybe they are protected? there must be a software to record *really* anything on the screen!!

as someone pointed out in some other forum I also tried to move the slide bar of the graphics hardware acceleration to the far left and still nothing.. black, all black..

any help?

Nov 14, 07 4:52 am

If you are using Firefox, their are numerous plug-ins for recording video from sites that are embedded in the browser. When using Firefox go to>Get Started and search through their.

Hope that helps.

Nov 15, 07 7:17 am

thanks rringsell, I tried with Firefox too but with no luck.. are there any specific plug-ins I should look for?

Nov 15, 07 7:58 am

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