Hi all, I am an applicant to the masters of architecture( 2 year) program . I have got admission in nc state... Please let me know how is the program and is it a good college for m. Arch?

Feb 9, 13 10:00 am

Great program and well know....also a recent winner of the Heinz real estate and urban design comp. probably the most competitive and well known competition out there for grad students. Tuition is quite low as well.

Feb 9, 13 12:05 pm

Thanks for the input Spackle...Do you any idea about the ranking of the school for graduate studies in architecture?

Feb 11, 13 2:25 am

I went to NCSU for undergrad and based on my experience can only recommend it (many of the professors teach both grad and undergrad). Definitely worth the lower price tag when compared to other US schools. The great thing is the school is small, you get to know a lot of the faculty even if you just see them around, and there is always an opporunity for you to explore what you're interested in. Someone will always be there ready to help you follow your interests and goals. I switched, but only because it was better for me to try something new, not because of any deficiencies in the NC State program and I definitely don't regret going. As far as rankings, I last saw the school being placed somewhere at the top in the South (don't know which program), but it gets a lot of publicity nationally for the quality of the teaching staff. Let's not forget that the dean was president of the AIA several years ago. Good luck!

Feb 11, 13 3:42 am
Abhinav Sunil


Did they offer you any funding with the  offer letter. I got admit to March program but they have not mentioned anything regarding the funding. Any idea about this. Have u decided to attend NCSU or waiting for more results?

Feb 28, 13 6:18 am

@ archinitin


I am waiting for replies from other universities before i make my final decision. Fingers crossed!!!

I did not receive any funding from NC state. What I know is that there is less funding available for international students.The best thing is join college and try for a RA.

Have you decided to join NCSU?  Which program did you apply M.Arch 2 year or 3 year? 

Feb 28, 13 8:02 pm
Abhinav Sunil


Sorry for the delay got really busy with work. I have not finalized on the decision. I am also waiting to hear from McGill, UBC, UofT. I got admit to their 2 year program. NCSU seems to be pretty good. I have only heard praises for the Arch department and their vibrant University campus which also includes the Hunt library.

Also, how long do I have to accept/defer or reject the admission offer decision? They have not mentioned anything in the letter.

Mar 2, 13 11:30 am

@ archinitin


I like the program at NCSU and the best part is the tuition is affordable. I am not sure how long one can defer the admission you can call them and verify. 

Mar 4, 13 8:14 pm
Abhinav Sunil


Yeahh the low tuition is great. I also like the huge campus-  is spread over 2000 acres. I really aspire for a spacious campus. Hope I have some time to confirm/reject my admission with NCSU, I am anxiously waiting to hear from other colleges.

Did you make up your mind or are you still waiting for more results? All the Best in case you are waiting!

Mar 4, 13 9:55 pm
Abhinav Sunil

I got a letter from David Hill, director saying that I should confirm my admission before 1st April. Now I'm really in the soup. Need to get admit from other colleges before last week of march atleast to make up my mind.

Mar 7, 13 1:18 pm
New ARch

Got a question ...Which school is better for M.Arch (2 year)?


Mar 7, 13 1:40 pm
Abhinav Sunil

@New ARch

Haven't attended UNCC or NCSU to comment on your question. But what i can tell you is NCSU is very famous. Even though I am an international student  I frequently hear NCSU' name here. They are good at branding and marketing which I feel would enhance your job prospects. Its course in architecture is highly praised upon. The school has some of the best campus infrastructure to keep you hanging while you complete your rigorous program.

UNCC I quite frankly cant comment upon, Have not heard about it much(not quite famous considering NCSU). But am sure it would be a great school too and Charlotte is a very beautiful place to leave in.

Mar 8, 13 9:58 am

Does anybody have an idea about the soft wares ones need to be proficient with before starting M.Arch (2 years)? I know Autocad, Adobe Photoshop,Revit (need to brush up my skills) and Sketchup. 

Before joining should I take tutorials for Adobe Illustrator, Rhino or grasshopper ? Or will I get a chance to learn them in masters? Please advise.

Mar 18, 13 1:35 pm
Abhinav Sunil


Which university are u planning to attend(have u finalized)? I have not made up my mind yet- am waiting for results from U of T and McGill :(

I got an acceptance from University of Calgary, well they asked me to learn Rhino and Maya before I join the college(in case I am joining).

Mar 31, 13 12:12 am



I haven't decided yet got wait listed at sci-arc  and waiting to hear back from a few more colleges.

My top choice is Cal Poly Pomona considering the low tuition,location and they are great in sustainability.I'll know by April.

If I don't get Cal Poly then I think I'll go with NCSU the program looks good and pretty interesting. I went through the handbook and they have a lot of options for students.The tuition is low and the location if not great its good.

I am not very good with 3d software and I think I need to brush my skills before I start with Masters. I think they don't teach anything related to softwares in graduate school.

All the best with ur decision.Hope things work out the best way for all of us!!!

Mar 31, 13 1:44 pm


Have you finalized or waiting?

Mar 31, 13 1:45 pm
Abhinav Sunil


I haven't decided either nisha -still waiting !! waiting to hear back from University of Toronto and McGill -  Once their official acceptance/rejection comes, I can probably focus and decide ;)

I might consider University of Calgary over NCSU. Their program is immensely focused in environmental designs. Also I am more inclined towards studying in Canada(NCSU is the only university that I applied to in the US).

Indeed NCSU's electives/program seems really interesting. There is lot of freedom given to us  in choosing the subjects of our interest.

Even I will have to learn Rhino and Maya before I head for the Masters. All the best with Cal Poly. Cheers to the waiting!

Mar 31, 13 3:04 pm

@architintin if you do end up going to I might consider University of Calgary , you should start a school blog. I have been very interested in the program since I learned about their long time focus on environmental design and the non-departmentalized nature of the graduate level faculty..

Apr 1, 13 11:47 pm
Abhinav Sunil

@ Nam Henderson

Will certainly try to do it.

Apr 2, 13 9:45 am

Hi all,

I'm planning on applying to SCAD and NCSU. Is there anyone among you who is already a student there? 

Sep 11, 17 3:09 pm

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