Go for MArch RIBA part 2 without having part 1


hey guys

im going to apply for a MArch in one of the UK's schools. lets imagine my portfolio and the application stuff is ok, but is it technically possible to apply for RIBA part 2 without passing examinations for part 1?

on architects registration board i've read that:

-"All other applicants (non-recognized UK and Overseas qualifications) will need to pass the Board’s own Prescribed Examination at the relevant level if they wish to progress towards registering as an architect in the UK. "

-"Applicants for the Part 1 Examination must have successfully completed a three year course of study; applicants for Part 2 must already hold Part 1 and have completed two further years of postgraduate study in architecture. "


so for example can i enter the MArch course and during the first year of study pass the examination for part 1?


thanks in advance

Jan 29, 13 11:42 am

Can you list some of the M Arch ( RIBA part II , professional degree) courses that do not require part I or equivalent degree?
 Do you hold any degree in arch e,g BA or Bsc in arch ? Is it recognised by the ARB/RIBA?
How could you pass an exam for part I without any qualification ?

Jan 30, 13 2:53 am  · 

sorry,didnt mention that

yeah, im holding ukrainian BArch 4,5 year degree and now doing my last semester for so called "specialist" which is not equal to MArch. They are both not recognised by ARB/RIBA, but unis count them.

Like TU Delft (in Russia article)


and others.but im not sure whether it corresponts to architecture

so the question is: do i need particulary RIBA part 1 in order to get into UCL or other UK MArch course?

Feb 1, 13 7:17 pm  · 

I've got a Bachelor of Environmental Design from an Australian university and plan to do my M.Arch in the UK. It turns out RIBA doesn't recognise Australian degrees, so I don't have a part I exemption.

Some unis like Liverpool state that it is up to us to sit for the RIBA exam, pre- or post-M.Arch. From what I understand, the significance of having RIBA exemptions is that it lets us go on to take the Part III exam to register as an architect in the UK.

But.. what if I don't plan to become a registered architect in the UK? I'm from Malaysia, and my reason for going to the UK is to develop a wider perspective and.. you know, just experience life elsewhere. Break out of my comfort zone and whatnot.

Is there a way I could convince the university admissions authority that I don't really require the RIBA exemption, but just the M.Arch?

Apr 23, 13 3:29 am  · 

I currently study Architectural technology at Anglia Ruskin University, I was curious whether I can study architecture part 2 Architecture at any university after I graduate. Thanks 

Mar 17, 17 5:50 pm  · 

I have been told by Kingston University, Greenwich University and the ARB in writing  that you DON'T need a Part 1 to study part 2, but you MUST have both part 1 and 2 to sit your part 3 exam, so you can get your part 1 and 2 in any order.

BUT, some universities are very strict in you MUST have a part 1 to study part 2, one I have encountered is London South Bank, they don't care if ARB said it doesn't matter what order you get your part 1 and 2, you must have a part 1 to study there.

Jun 21, 19 8:50 pm  · 

Hi All,

My name is raafat, apologies for the direct message, and i would be thankful if you can share with me your experience about that examination,

i hold a bachelor degree in architectural engineering from Cairo University in Egypt which is a 5 year study program and I have done it in 2003 which is almost 18 years ago, i worked in the uk for the last five years and prior to that i worked in other countries, but due to covid I lost my job and i find it hard to find a new one as most of the big names ask for RIBA p3 which i can not take if i do not have p2 so i am seeking your advice about that particular issue.

I hope you do not mind, and can give any information which can help me succeed in gaining the p1/p2 from ARB and how the submission should look like.

thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Apr 7, 21 6:45 pm  · 

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