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has anyone attended or have opinions on these programs? also, any thoughts on the interior design programs having a good emphasis on architecture as opposed to strictly surface and decorative?

pratt architecture (M.Arch)
pratt interior design (grad)
NY School of Interior Design (grad)

Oct 17, 07 10:21 am

Pratt's interior design program has a strong architectural emphasis. The department also has been doing projects with the School of Architecture so that students work together in teams.

Feb 9, 08 8:23 am  · 

2020 response to a 2007 post lol.

In regards to the interior design programs:

NYSID puts more emphasis on practicality/getting you to a job. In a way, it feels like a career training school.

Pratt puts more emphasis on conceptual thinking, is architectural, and is an actual design school.

Honestly, having attended both, I much prefer Pratt over NYSID. If you're just interested in getting out there and working as an interior designer, NYSID will meet your needs. HOWEVER, if you actually have a deep curiosity, love of design, and actually want to live and breathe design, then go to Pratt. Pratt will also prepare you for the professional world, but you will walk away with a true education as opposed to the superficiality of NYSID's interior design "education". NYSID attempts to teach conceptual and critical thought processes but is definitely more on the surface/decorative end of the spectrum.

TL;DR Go to Pratt (or RISD) lol

Sep 19, 20 1:39 pm  · 

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