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I am extremely passionate about pursuing architecture. I am currently beginning my second semester at a university that offers no fine arts/design courses. Though my high school stats were good, my first semester GPA has been mediocre (just a rough period in my life). I have some pieces completed from art courses in high school and summer camps to put forward towards a portfolio for a transfer application at the moment.

I was seeking general advice: what qualities do most architecture programs look for in applicants? What steps can I take to make myself more competitive in admissions? Any tips? I feel a bit lost at the moment and any sense of direction is appreciated.

Also a few questions:

With my currently-mediocre GPA and a lack of any design or architecture courses completed in college (simply none are offered), would I still be considered as a prospective student for most architecture programs? Or can I kiss my chances at schools such as Rice, Carnegie Mellon, Syracuse, even RISD goodbye?

On that note, do the higher-ranked undergrad programs allow for much more opportunity for progression in the field compared to other programs such as within ASU, NCSU? 

Do most programs also teach and refine general technical art/drawing skills, or do they expect applicants to have already mastered drawing, etc. ?


Jan 19, 13 10:58 am

I don't have answers to all your questions. But I know in general transfer students are hard pressed to get accepted. Usually only one or two a semester from the schools I've been acquainted with. Most likely you'll have to submit some portfolio samples. I would take an art class and if your college doesn't offer one, check out a community college or something. Unless you are already talented. They def want to see some skills behind a pen/pencil/brush or whatever media you use. If you have the time and money apply everywhere. To "safe" and "reach" schools.

Jan 20, 13 11:23 pm

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