Pre-Reqs for M.Arch: when to enroll?


I just finished applying to several schools, less than half of which require various combinations of physics, calculus, and algebra. (I have only taken physics.) Should I enroll in a spring semester course at a nearby university even though it will be weeks before I receive acceptance/rejection letters? When I do enroll, should I take graduate or undergraduate courses? I don't have much in the way of savings and don't want to jump the gun.

Jan 8, 13 1:37 pm

well.. I don't see how you'll get accepted if one of the requirements is having calculus and algebra also.  You wouldn't have even gotten in for undergrad without them in my school as its not only a requirement, but with the high application rates, you were required to have marks in the high 80's to 90's

Jan 8, 13 6:23 pm

Just to be clear, all of the graduate programs I've encountered do not require that you take pre-reqs before you apply. You just need to have them before you start the program.

Jan 9, 13 10:05 am
Dima Srouji

@ktwestf what did you end up doing? I got into YSOA for MARCH I and now I'm facing the hassle of having to clear my calc pre req. I'm thinking of an accredited online course maybe? I have to have it cleared out by August. 

Mar 15, 13 5:20 pm

take a class at the local community college yall.. the chicks are always way hot bro!they will be like, "damn, you're an architect? thats so sexy." then bam. you got her pager number and your set. 

Mar 15, 13 5:55 pm
deals on wheels

Give her the ol Spackle, eh?

Mar 15, 13 6:08 pm

damn right. 

Mar 15, 13 6:43 pm

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