Is mid-B too low to apply for the UOfT M.Arch program?



I have been planned to apply for UOfT's 3 and half year M. Arch First Professional Degree program for fall 2013, which is just 7 days apart from the deadline. I am in psychology major and this is my second last term.

Recently I started to wonder if I should just held this application until next year since my average for the forth year is mediocre. the minimum academic requirement to apply to the M. Arch is mid B for UofT and My average is just slightly above it. I have been informed about all kinds of crucial competition for this program. Based on my experiences from the undergraduate enrollment, I am afraid that the similar procedure will be used due to the huge number of applicants: for example only the students whose grades are within the upper  50 quartile will be considered to view their portfolios and sample essays. 

I could not find the answer anywhere else, it looks like anyone who got accepted by the program has decent academic record and is extremely well performed in school. My GPA seems so hopeless. I would be really appreciated if anyone can answer my concerns. 

Is mid-B too low to apply for the UOfT M.Arch First Professional Degree program? 

Thank you!

Jan 8, 13 3:02 pm

don't psych yourself out ~ go for it!

Jan 8, 13 4:18 pm

how much percent is mid-B average?  Like Frac said, just apply.  You have nothing to lose.  However, there are many factors that determine acceptance.  Things like number of applicants, your portfolio, recommendation letters, letter of intent, background etc


good luck

Jan 8, 13 5:04 pm


Jan 9, 13 4:36 pm

Absolutely not : grades are not what will make or break you. They help or hurt - much less so than life experience, portfolio work, and contacts.

Jan 9, 13 5:05 pm

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