California accessibility continuing ed - free courses 2013

drums please, Fab?

time to start a fresh thread for FREE online courses for california licensed architects.  i know there are at least a few california architects here and you should be aware that you can get your 5 hours completed for free.

i have no doubt there will be several posts after mine with links to courses that only cost $60, or $100, or whatever.  but you should know that although it's a little more work when filling out renewal paperwork these FREE courses are pretty easy and can be informative, too.  here are links to 10 courses: - WBDG08 Principles and Goals of Accessible Design (1 hr) - McGraw Hill, Vertical Wheelchair Lifts (1 hr) - AEC Daily, High Density Accessible Storage (1 hr)  - AEC Daily, Accessibility & Detectable Warning Systems (1.25 hr) - AEC Daily, Priniciples of Universal Design in Housing and Home Appliances (1 hr) - AEC Daily, Compliant Plumbing Products for Kitchens and Baths (1 hr) - Ron Blank, Intro to Barrier-free Design and ADA Standards for Accessible Design (1 hr) - Ron Blank, Designing Barrier-free Restrooms (1 hr) - McGraw Hill, A Practical Guide to 2010 ADA-Compliant Restroom Design (1 hr) - McGraw Hill,  Accessible by Design: Innovative Approaches to Achieving Universal Design and ADA Compliance (1 hr)

i took the first five courses in 2011 and they were approved by the cali architects board.  i haven't sent the second five in yet but at least the Ron Blank ones say they are approved for california's accessibility continuing education requirements.

please bump this thread with any questions you have - i'm here to help.

Jan 7, 13 10:18 am


Thanks for posting these links.  I'm in the process of completing my 2013 req. and found the AIA's fees to be criminal (as usual).  With CAB charging $300 for re-licensure, most of us independent operators are stuck footing the bill for the 5 hr. CE ADA credits.  I'll probably finish mine this week then send them in and let the thread know how they are received by the board.

Thanks again!


Jan 8, 13 7:40 pm  · 

Hey, FRaC,

Let me echo John's thanks here.  This is a real service.

Okay, first question (realizing with humbling irony this makes me sound like a newbie who asks first and researches later, if ever--though I plan to phone on Monday):

On AEC Daily's site, there's a field to enter one's AIA member # but not CA license #.  Do you know how this gets recorded w/ CBAE?  Is it just self-reporting, like with Ron Blank?

Thanks, man.

Jan 18, 13 9:28 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

citizen - sorry i missed the bump, but yes AEC's coursework is self-reporting.  when you pass a course you can print out your certificate; i believe they also e-mail the certificate to you.  AEC also keeps info of your transcripts, just log into your account and you can get the certificate anytime.  i would suggest printing this out and saving the pdf copy in case the california architect's board needs that information (see below).

I got my license renewal form yesterday and the california architect's board has gotten rid of the page where you report all the coursework information (course title, subjects covered in course, name of course provider, number of hours completed, etc.).  Instead of that you just sign the renewal form stating that you have completed the 5 hours - so it's somewhat on the honor system now.  here's the fine print on the back:

Pursuant to Assembly Bill 1746 (Chapter 240, Statutes of 2010) the Board is required to audit the records of a percentage of licensees to verify completion of the coursework.  Licensees must maintain records of completion of the required coursework for two years from the date of renewal and make those records available to the Board upon request.  The records must included all of the following information: course title, subjects covered, name of provider and trainer or educator, date of completion, number of hours completed, and a statement about the trainer or educator's knowledge and experience background.

If a licensee is subject to an audit, a letter will be sent by the Board to the licensee's address of record requesting the required documentation.  Do not submit the documentation with the Renewal Application.  Licensees who provide false or misleading information are subject to an administrative citation, which may include an administrative fine pursuant to BPC section 125.9, or disciplinary action by the Board.

so it took one renewal cycle to make them sick of about a 3 times increase in license renewal paperwork, el oh el!

Jan 25, 13 7:23 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

link to assembly bill no. 1746, Chapter 240 ->

so it says the CAB (cali archi board) is required to '... audit at least 3% of the license renewals received each year to verify completion of coursework, ...'

you would think the CAB would put a little note in the renewal form stating this or at least make it more obvious - i was freaking out last night (well, not really) thinking that the continuing ed form was not included with my renewal form.

Jan 25, 13 7:34 pm  · 

Thanks for all the intel, FRaC.  In my case, a little procrastination may have saved me some red tape (the recent removal of the requirement for sending in all that documentation).

Still, it seems like the message from CAB is: we're keeping the burdensome paperwork requirement, but rather than endure it ourselves, we're keeping it squarlely on you, lowly applicants --with the 'sword' of an audit threat ever-dangling over your head .

Jan 26, 13 11:03 am  · 

Hey guys. I just discovered this site after having to find my own free training the last two rounds. I was so frustrated that I created my own web page devoted to the subject. It is slowly growing and I'm adding new items to it each week. I've added a few of the links posted above as well I'd love some constructive criticism in the "contact me" section of the site. I'd like to eventually have it be a one-stop place where we can get all the information we need. I also plan to add additional ADA information related to the newest changes that went into effect last year as a resource for everyone.

Feb 27, 13 11:01 am  · 

Thanks for posting this thread--a big help

May 17, 13 11:14 pm  · 

Thanks FRaC.

Jun 19, 13 10:00 pm  · 

I just passed 5 units required. Took me 2.5 hours. There is a technique there. And learned few things.

Jun 20, 13 2:46 am  · 

Now that it's 2015, anyone have other recommendations for free ADA credits to renew our California Architecture licenses?  Some of the links above still work.  For the AEC links 1/2 work and 1/2 are no longer available.  I can't figure out a good way to search for courses on the AEC website that fill this need.

Jan 14, 15 3:07 pm  · 


Any freebies out there?  Minniemax is right; some of the AEC stuff is still available... for a price.  I still need to look at Ron Blank.

Any other leads are most welcome.

Aug 23, 15 4:40 pm  · 

Man I hate this requirement.  The available seminars are so elementary I can pass the stupid exams without reading the texts or watching any of the videos.  Seems like an open book exam on Chapter 11 would be just as useful.

Aug 23, 15 5:30 pm  · 

Another 2 hours done last night, for free, at a local AIA committee event.  Great timing.  Just another 1.5 hours needed by Monday...

Aug 28, 15 2:37 pm  · 

need 3 more here. btw, aia is also asking 18 hours for cont. ed. anyone can elaborate?
just to double check, are these legit for CA?

Aug 28, 15 2:50 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

yes those are legit they all say 'ADA California Compliant'

be careful with your email on these free courses, i got tons of spam right after taking some of these and now someone or some thing is sending spam using my email (but not really my email, they're spoofin' a-holes) so ... suggest you use a junk email to sign up at these free sites.

Aug 28, 15 7:09 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

here are a few i took for 2015 renewal:

again, i don't know if either of these sites sold my email to spammers, so just be careful.  you can always log back in to download your certificate in case cali architects board asks for proof of the continuing education.

Aug 28, 15 7:13 pm  · 

thanks FRaC.

Aug 28, 15 7:30 pm  · 

Thanks, you two.

Aug 28, 15 7:52 pm  · 

Anyone know the answer to this? I have my coursework written down, but lost the certificates as they were PDF's on an old flash drive. Now I need to provide proof. Will my written information be enough? I also recall I did not have all the certificates as some places did not provide them. Worried they will do something to my license. Uggg.

I have names, descriptions, dates, providers, but just not certificates, or the individual course instructor phone numbers. They were from a website that doesn't still have my certificates.

Am I safe to just mail in what I have?

Thanks in advance

Nov 7, 15 3:31 pm  · 

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