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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a playground equipment manufacturer with high design quality? [i.e. not cheesy colored plastic stuff]

Sep 25, 07 4:01 pm

I saw an issue of this once:

Maybe there are resources on the site, or you could track down a recent issue.

Sep 25, 07 9:10 pm

anybody recently seen any of those old spaceage 1950's steel ellipsoid climbing structures? I'd love to find one for my back yard... all the classic monkeybars and climbing structures have been replaced by corporate bland plastic-boring-to-play-on stuff...

Sep 25, 07 9:27 pm

try this.......

Sep 25, 07 10:58 pm

Has anyone else ever puzzled over the incongruity between the 4" sphere "baby's head rule" and the totally non-code compliant nature of jungle gyms?

Sep 25, 07 11:00 pm

If it is for a client - do not design something - there are HUGE liability issues. Have them purchase the play structure from a reputable manufacturer. Don' forget the necessary clearances around the equipment. Don't forget to specify the proper play surface that corresponds to the demands of the structure - fall heights, etc.

Sep 25, 07 11:04 pm

is seriously cool stuff!

Sep 26, 07 12:13 am

not 'playground equipment' but cool landscape items at;search?query=escofet&tag_id=1545&q_tags=1575

Sep 26, 07 2:46 am

Thanks guys! yea playlsi has some great stuff.

Sep 26, 07 9:11 am

was the best playground designer.

Sep 28, 07 9:19 pm
Ted Smith

You can visit the Playground Equipment Directory and quickly find the right company in your area to suit your needs.

Apr 22, 10 11:27 am

Try Landscape Structures, they rep a company called Gametime. Checkout the Evos Archs systems.

Apr 22, 10 4:06 pm

Sorry, Landscape structures is the manufacturer.

Apr 22, 10 4:12 pm

^like what do2 said

A sales rep just dropped off their brochure. Looks neat. Also have gone to some of their works. Try them- Landscape Structures is what they're called.

Nov 17, 16 3:15 pm
Peripteral Magic

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned RICHTER yet... I thought these guys were widely regarded as the best, the equivalent of Fisher Price at a playground scale... maybe they're only popular in Europe, I don't know...

Hope that helps...  

Jun 6, 17 1:49 pm

Nice work man :)

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Oct 30, 17 6:42 am

have you tried looking at the Commercial Playground equipment here.


May 19, 18 3:29 pm

Try this one , you can find both outdoor and indoor playground equipment

May 27, 18 5:49 am

have you tried looking at the Commercial Playground equipment here

Jul 13, 18 10:40 pm

I am working on indoor playground equipment designing for 3 years and I have lots of work to do but the thing is why are people not supporting this industry? 

Mar 26, 19 3:48 am

Schoolscapes are a UK designer, manufacturer and installer of outdoorplayground equipment. We have been working with Architects and Landscape Designers for over 25 years. Our Design Team produce inspirational and creative spaces for all ages and abilities. CAD files, product information sheets and full documentation are all available on request.

For more information please visit Schoolscapes Playground Design

May 14, 19 4:07 am

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