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Well, one of our design challenges is to design a living space according to the motion of a body part. I chose the fingers (obviously) , and I have the design all set and ready to go. But after I rendered my sketches, I didn't like the shapes I produced. See, my design is has very sharp forms, which kinda gives me a cold feeling if i was visitor looking at this space/form, but it still completes the objective of the assignment and a living space ( I have the spaced all organized). So, I slightly added curvatures to certain corners and it really softened the house and seemed more welcoming. BUT my only disadvantage is that, i never made a model with curvatures. Any tips???

Sep 17, 07 10:11 pm

explain your reasoning during review and get input from your crits about it. Show what you have, and then explain what you just explained above to them.

Sep 17, 07 10:43 pm  · 

I suggest that you explain how your design was inspired by Edward Scissorshands.

Sep 17, 07 10:59 pm  · 
some person

or Elvira

Sep 17, 07 11:03 pm  · 
vado retro

does your deezine look anything like this????

[img] width=418[/url]

Sep 17, 07 11:04 pm  · 
vado retro


Sep 17, 07 11:05 pm  · 

: fiberglass : bondo : toaster oven and acrylic :

Sep 17, 07 11:19 pm  · 

ask deleuze why you thought it was necessary to soften yourself.

Sep 17, 07 11:44 pm  · 

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Mar 19, 23 2:45 am  · 

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