Portfolio Blitzkrieg!


Here's another portfolio for everyone to critique.  I'm trying to submit it tomorrow, a little early, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I get a lot of suggestions tonight and tomorrow morning so I can fix it and get it in quick.

This is for applying to M.Arch programs, and I just got my Bachelor of Environmental Design  with an emphasis in architecture on Friday.

Dec 26, 12 11:27 pm

A few minor things:
Typesetting could still  be improved.
Like whether to use first-line indents or not and to stick to the hierarchy of font sizes and styles.
P. 15 could use better line-breaking.
Also compare caption of floor levels on p. 12 with p. 19 – why different?

Good luck :)

Dec 27, 12 5:23 am

Do not use the Cooper Black header font. Use Helvetica or something simple.

Simplify your cover. Get rid of the incomprehensible graphics and don't do any tricks with your title text.

Once you change those things you'll be looking good.

Dec 27, 12 10:25 am

Do not use the Cooper Black header font. Use Helvetica or something simple.

I second that. Something sans serif.

Dec 27, 12 10:48 am

Thanks for the tips.

I have two more applications due so I'm still taking suggestions.

I've had a lot of positive comments about the cover and the cooper black so I'm gonna keep them unless I get a flood of negative comments.

I moved the chair spread so that my best project would be last but now it seems like its in an awkward location and I can't decided where to put it so it isn't awkward.

Also, when I apply for internships should I bring this portfolio and a separate collection of construction drawings or whatever supplemental material I need or should I redo this portfolio so that it's less design oriented and more production oriented?

Jan 2, 13 8:28 pm

dude. please delete that purple text on the cover. its so bad.

Jan 2, 13 9:29 pm

agree with James, get rid of the purple stuff on the cover. also not a big fan of the Cooper Black.

Jan 3, 13 1:07 am

Ha damnit.  I was really hoping I'd get to use a more original font than helvetica but I guess I'd rather get into school than be stubborn about a font.

Jan 3, 13 12:16 pm
mr. minimal


There are plenty of great typefaces if you don't want to use Helvetica, but I agree, the Cooper Black is pretty much only appropriate if you're The Beach Boys or Louis CK.

Take a look at Univers, Avenir, Futura, Gotham, and Neutra. 

Jan 3, 13 5:26 pm
ka em

I thought cooper black or other slightly serif fonts actually work well compositionally, it stands out from the black boxes (so I also agree with the choice of the purple colour). Architects have this predilection with minimalist, Helvetica-esque typeface. They are beautiful (with the right treatment, otherwise can be too typical) but they also have their place. With your cover I would say go with a bit of flair.

Jan 3, 13 9:36 pm
ms. medici

"Architects have this predilection with minimalist, Helvetica-esque typeface."

And architects are the ones who are going to decide your admission. I guess you have to decide if 'flair' is more important to you than having a respectable-looking portfolio.

Probably wise to get rid of your neon mohawk before a job interview, too. Because employers have this predilection for professional-looking employees.

Jan 9, 13 1:13 am

The graphics just seems very dated from the cover, to the font, and to the color.

The front cover is gimmicky and worst, stale. Just design a nice simple cover with a clean nice font. The cover looks like something from a 1992 Windows Software Manual.

Here is some help to get you started:

Jan 9, 13 4:05 am

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