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Hi Guys!

I need to buy a new laptop!!! I'm going into my fifth year of arch school and will need it for graphics/photoshop/3d modeling/autoCADD and the likes kind of applications...I was thinking of buying a sony vaio (FZ series to be exact). What do u guys think about the sony Vaio and do you have any recommendations/opinions?? Thanks alot! i'll appreciate the help.

Sep 7, 07 5:12 pm

I think the vaios are generally overpriced... but if you get a good deal on it...

I'd also look at the Lenovo T6xP series (I'm partial to thinkpads), the macbook pro (bootcamp for windows) and dell's precision line.

Sep 7, 07 5:21 pm

Nae...dont do it...

I say go with HP...for a good price system.....

if not maybe dell...Its alittle more expensive...

But HP Is what I got..And It works great..

Sep 7, 07 7:05 pm

HP dv9500t

2.2 duo core processor
4 gigs of ram

Nvidea 8600 gt 531mb of video ram

160 gig hard drive

17" wide screen

3 year full coverage (accidental damage)

3 years lo jack....

I am loving it.....

Softwares I use with my HP

Rhinoceros 4.0, Flamingo, bongo, penguin, (proficient)
Maxwell Render (still learning)
Revit Architecture (proficient)
sketchup (proficient)
AutoCAD (proficient)

and sometimes...for kicks...

Oh Yeah

Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator....(PROFICIENT)

Sep 7, 07 7:10 pm

what mana said

I've got a Dell M90 and love it

Sep 7, 07 7:13 pm

interesting...alot of peeps from my school have bought hps and they haven't lasted that well...and barely anyone thinks of buying a dell...i'm still gonna look into it though...why not sony vaio though?? does anyone have any negative feedback/experience with it??

Sep 7, 07 9:01 pm

i went to buy a sony vaio last year cuz i loved their look. spec-wise the computers are almost all the same, at least on the high end. ended up getting a gateway cuz there was a 2 week waiting time while they put a machine together for me. and i needed it right away for work. gateway had it all, and the machine id not so ugly very satisfied with the computer itself, with only downside being that when i render the 2 cpus really heat up and the fans are not quite up to it.

anyway, there was no significant price difference and compared to the laptop i bought 2 years ago both gateway and vaio were already a couple hunderd dollars cheaper than what i wsa planning to spend...this is in tokyo though, and things may be different outside asia...

Sep 7, 07 9:07 pm

my hp is going on its 4th year. no problems yet and it's fine running autocad, adobe suite, rhino, etc.

i recommend.

Sep 7, 07 9:56 pm

Sony has a horrible reputation for reliability and service. They looks pretty, but I've not heard anything good about them.

That, and they cost a ton more than a Dell (at least when I bought mine)

Read through there

Sep 8, 07 8:44 am

friends don't let friends buy HPs

Sep 8, 07 8:47 am

i had a similar HP dilemma, currently i'm working on a nice 4 yr old laptop, that used to kick the shit out of studio work. the only problem is the backlight in my screen has crapped out three times now!!! it ended up happening a week before finals for the second time, at which point i bought a monitor so i could use it like a desktop. i had the light replaced again, and it crapped out in another month... so i resigned to using this hp laptop like a desktop until i get a new one (soon hopefully)

however, hps usually do have better hardware specs all around for the price. thus they hold on for another year when you're studio demands crazy animations and what not. i had a friend who had a vaio. seemed to be stabler, but definately pricier. i borrowed it a couple time to use as a second rendering machine.

Sep 8, 07 10:31 am

DO NOT get a dual core... you need a "core duo" or better yet, "core 2 duo" there is a HUGE difference.. also make sure to stay away from AMD processors.. there not nearly as good as the core duo's

make sure you have MIN 2 gigs of ram and look for something that has some dedicated video ram... its helps

i have an Acer 9410 with a Core Duo 2.0 ghz, 2 gigs of ram, 160gig HD, 17" screen, and 128meg DEDICATED Nvidia video that goes up to 400 megs using the computers ram its also got DVD-/+R dual layer, blue tooth, wireless net, webcam, etc, etc and it was 800 dollars canadian

its a GREAT machine

Sep 8, 07 10:38 am

gay! They deleted my post. Seriously mate, do not buy a viao. I don't care how shiny it is.

Sep 9, 07 2:27 am

i think i've looked up alot of reviews for it now, and people seem to hate windows vista because it has too many programs installed on it and also the battery life sucks. i'm gonna look into the dell inspiron, anyone have one??

Sep 9, 07 3:03 pm

have an older one (6000) and it runs fine.

Sep 9, 07 7:34 pm
Sep 13, 07 4:50 pm

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