Architecture gets you laid and here's why!


Now that I have your attention... 

Critique my M.Arch 2 portfolio please

Still gotta do clean up and proofreading on the fonts, titles, and concepts but you get the basic idea. 

1. My portfolio is kinda boring right, any suggestions on how to make the layout or graphics more interesting?


2. Should I bleed more images? For example, should I bleed p. 4 all the way to the left?


Thanks ya'll

Dec 13, 12 1:53 am

My portfolio is kinda boring right now*

Dec 13, 12 1:54 am

Ha ha! Good one. You definitely got me. 

Dec 13, 12 2:40 am

Your portfolio looks good but is a bit boring. You have a lot of line drawings and black and white images. It looks like you have several nice models but the pictures are from boring/nondescript angles, the quality is low, and you haven't edited the photos at all. If you took high quality photos and edited them decently, those could be powerful graphics. 

Dec 13, 12 2:43 am

I don't have the models anymore so I'm just gonna have to photoshop the hell out of them lol. Got any suggestions besides messing with the brightness and saturation?

Dec 13, 12 8:38 pm
ka em

Your portfolio should primarily show your thoughts and what your mind is capable of (not just your technical ability, which you clearly show), and this is difficult to tell if you only show the finished products.. The best way to show a graduate school is to show the thought process and what it is exactly that your design proposes. Don't lose those squigly hand drawings because often they say much more than finished renderings. Good luck!

Dec 13, 12 9:29 pm

I just your portfolio and I really love the concept of the building. I hope it will undergo safety lifecycle services if implemented. Btw, congrats.

Dec 14, 12 4:16 am

In an effort to offer constructive criticism, I'll just say this: your projects demonstrate pedestrian thinking. Graduate school will not teach you more technical skills than what you have shown in your portfolio, but your portfolio doesn't show a potential of thinking out of the box... One way to correct that is by showing an iterative process, even if the initial gesture has nothing to do with the final one. Iteration is the key to developing a project.

Dec 14, 12 8:14 am

Damn troll, for a second there I thought mdler was back.

Dec 14, 12 11:31 am

a/s/l?  *haven't been laid in a while*

Dec 14, 12 7:29 pm

didn't bother to look at the design project....but if you did you would know if it was MDLER!

It would have that elephant trunk thing going on all over the place.  

Dec 14, 12 7:46 pm

if your portfolio is the reason why people get laid, then people are going to die virgins.

Dec 16, 12 2:41 am

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