Yet another....portfolio critique request.


I'm sure you guys are all sick of the endless portfolio critique requests that have been popping up as deadlines approach, but I thought why not give it a try as well. This is basically the final version of my portfolio for the 12/15 applications (excluding my missing figure drawing and possible revisions of my cover). I would really appreciate any and all feedback/suggestions of what minor things I can do to improve it (planning to submit it in a day for the 12/15 deadlines) and what major changes need to be done to make it a successful portfolio (for the early and mid-January deadlines).

Some questions:

1. Should I change the font of the cover to something cleaner and more simple?

2. For the final pictures of my modular nightstand and dresser, should I just photograph them by themselves? I tried to show how I would use them, but part of me think the books, clothes, etc are distracting. 

3. Is it ok to leave the last page completely blank? Does it feel like my portfolio abruptly ended?

This is for M.Arch I with no background in architecture (I studied urban planning and environmental sciences for my undergrad).

Thanks and GL to everyone else trying to finish up applications.

Dec 12, 12 9:44 am

1. The cover is pretty clean and simple but I'm not so sure about the 8-Bit font. Maybe go for another bold typeface?

2. I like the idea of having documentation of how the modular nightstand and dresser are used. That being said, perhaps you can use fewer items? It does not have to be fully stocked to get the idea and the furniture itself should be the main focus.

3. I would finish with a complete spread but after that a blank last page is fine. You could add a resume in if you are worried.

One additional critique is that I am not fond of your black bounding boxes on your drawings, renderings, and photographs. They are unnecessary and I think it would read cleaner and less boxy if you leave them out. Just a thought. 

Dec 13, 12 12:52 am

Thanks dawnchorus for your input. I went for a simpler typeface and removed the bounding boxes from my pictures. It does make it look cleaner and less boxy but I'm worried the pages with my sketches and renderings for my nightstand and dresser (pg 2 and 6) might look a little un-organized with all those floating images? I'm on the fence but leaning towards having no bounding boxes.

Here's an updated version:

anymore crits  would be greatly appreciated.

Dec 13, 12 9:11 am

Make sure all your images are aligned. I think on page 4 you can align the right image with the bottom. Also page 12 you have text along the bottom; this is the only case in the whole portfolio where you have that, so I would change it to be consistent. The floating images are okay, but some structure could be better. No bounding boxes for sure though, I rarely see a portfolio with them. Other than that it looks pretty good.

Dec 13, 12 2:44 pm

whats your background in? 

Dec 14, 12 2:22 pm

@ AvanineCommuter: Thanks, I changed the text to a vertical box and it looks much better.

@ Matthew: I studied urban studies and planning/environmental sciences at UC San Diego.


The portfolio turned out decently except some of the photos didn't turn out as nice on paper as it looks on the computer monitor. Back to photoshop it is for the next round of portfolios.

Dec 15, 12 2:41 am
Jono Lee

^ if you're printing off an industrial inkjet printer, be certain to turn down the opacity i'd say at least 10% on Ps on photographs... for my first test prints, they looked kinda wet/sticky. after a 2nd run with the adjustment, they turned out looking much better. not sure if that's an issue for you, but your images do look like they haven't been treated (look over-saturated)

Dec 15, 12 3:20 am
Jono Lee

also, in your modern life photograph, why does the spillage of pills look so controlled?

Dec 15, 12 3:22 am
Jono Lee

sorry, I'm making 3 separate posts... but your drawing of your cousin looks weak. your lines do not look confident even though its a quick sketch. all in all however, your layout looks pretty good comparatively to many i've seen. generally well thought out

Dec 15, 12 3:24 am

thanks jaw-know for your input. I tried making my photos look brighter and added some reds and yellows to make them all warm, but I'm an amateur at photoshop so I over-saturated them. I'm going to try to get my graphic designer brother in law to help me fix the colors.

The pills looks really controlled because I guess I was running out of time and focused more on finishing it. I guess the pills shouldn't  have all laid so flat...but I think it's still an interesting piece.

I'm also planning on replacing the sketch of my cousin for the next round of applications...perhaps a better executed figure drawing or portrait to show diversity in my sketches.

Dec 17, 12 3:40 am

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