Portfolio Review for MArch (no BArch background)


Hi guys,

I would love your advice on how to push this portfolio further if possible. I'm thinking this is pretty much the final version; it's been under five/six iterations but alas, the work is never finished!

I just finished up GSAPP's NY/P New york portion of the program so that's why most of the architecture work is from there. Other than that, I've only had a small intro to architecture.

Looking forward to all of your critiques! Thanks.


Dec 11, 12 2:23 am

i like your work. i highly recommend trying to break up the rhythm of your layouts by some full-bleed pages---only do that for the very best images. i would remove that picture of the girl (it does seem more like a picture of a girl, than a picture of your work).

Dec 11, 12 9:49 am

Nice.  I would use the fish bowl as the cover.  imo that is the most comprehensive image that represents the "tension" that you like to play with in your work. You need to get their attention on page 1. put the best projects in the front and back...Remember that people often remember the first and last things they see.  also agree with jk3hl about the full bleeds.   

Dec 12, 12 10:59 am

Thanks for the comments guys. I agree that bleed would help break it up, I will have to look for some good images though.


@jla-x So far the portfolio is laid out in reverse chronological order so I had my NY/P stuff first. I guess I think my sculpture work is stronger; should I put it first?

Dec 12, 12 6:35 pm

I like it! Your sculpture/installation work is pretty awesome, i would definitely put some of those works at the beginning and at the end of the portfolio... always best to have the stronger stuff at then beginning and end. 

Dec 12, 12 6:44 pm

Thanks Jholguin! That means I would need to reorganize the portfolio though; instead of having Architecture and Sculpture be my two categories I need to think of another way of organizing them so I can split the sculpture work up to put in front/back.

Dec 12, 12 9:00 pm

i would definitely put your sculpture stuff first. the 'tension' one had me so tensed up, but in a cool way! 

Dec 14, 12 2:30 pm

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