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Hi all,

I will be applying to grad school with this portfolio. It is still in progress.

Let me know what works and what doesn't. Feel free to tear it apart!!


Dec 6, 12 1:39 pm


Dec 6, 12 2:35 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Ok, I looked.  I like the overall layout, but a couple things stand out to me.

The greyed text on your name page..... It comes across as a misprint/mistake with the webpage.  I tried to read it, but it just made my eyes hurt.  I do need glasses, though.

Some of the images were blurry/not sharp.  I don't know if you up-sampled them, but I would find a way to sharpen the sharpie drawings, even if that means going over them a computer program.

The images of the two faces....the style is hard to look at.

I like the content, though.

Dec 6, 12 4:27 pm
Dima Srouji


First, the cover. I would get rid of the layering of text. It's a good strategy for a cover but the layering isn't successful yet. Either rearrange to make a better composition, or think of a better cover. I head covers are quite important, they give a first impression. I like the choice of colors. Font isn't so bad either.


I assume you did your undergrad in another major and did the career discovery afterwards? I really like your hand drawings I think your portfolio would be stronger if some more of those were in there. Or if they were larger.

Some pages are a bit weak. Page 13 for example. I feel that should be beautified or a lot smaller. It looks unfinished. However, it's good that you have process work in there. It might not need a full page.

I would magnify the conceptual storyboards, those sketches are great. Page 19 is looking good too. You should organize those images. I would get rid of the thumbnails, though.

I hope that helps.

Dec 6, 12 4:35 pm
Dima Srouji


Dec 6, 12 4:37 pm

Thank you for your comments


I agree, the cover page still needs a lot of work. Would the two faces be easier on the eyes if they were to be simplified even more?


Yes, I have a BS Economics, so most of my work is coming from career disco.

Do you think the colors are too weak on page 13? or there just needs to be something more strong and impacting?

Dec 6, 12 9:19 pm

I don't mean to crash your post  @mcau. I myself am looking for some portfolio guidance. If anyone could help, that would just be fantastic!

Dec 9, 12 5:19 pm

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