Typo in printed portfolio... Make or break?

I printed my portfolio, and there is 1 typo and an awkward spacing indent.... Will they toss my application in the trash?

Dec 4, 12 1:03 am

I had some awkward spacing indents and still got into a few competitive schools. I may have had a typo too ... I don't remember. If it's one or two isolated incidents in a portfolio that is otherwise organized I don't think it will keep you out.

Dec 4, 12 1:41 am

typos show you arren't a slave to conformaty; that your a rebell an a free thinker i think yu got it, jaw-know?

Dec 4, 12 2:24 am
Jono Lee


really?.. my prof told me that some schools first look for grammatical errors, and weed them out.... but i guess i just wanted to be certain from people that have actually gone through the process here... thanks for your input :)

  well regardless, i made a call to the print-shop, and they said they'd give me half off on the reprints because i was a good customer there, and of course, they felt sorry for me! ahahaha


tip of the day: get someone to proof your work + be nice to your local print shop!



ahahahah!! if only that could really see it that way eh?

Dec 4, 12 3:09 am

one or multiple typos won't do no harm if your projects are kickass. 

Dec 4, 12 3:54 am

one thing I really learnt from architectural education is we are good at prioritizing... we brush aside things that don't matter much in the big scheme of things - focusing on the essential in other words. Your art or graphic design professor might grill you for a single type or spacing but in architecture there are more important issues to worry about.. not to say typos or spacings aren't..  i guess they're just much lower in the pyramid

Dec 4, 12 3:58 am

Sort of depends.  For example, if you've got a lot of text (which nobody's gonna read anyhow) then a typo is no big thang.  But if you've tried for a really tight minimal presentation with, like, one word per page then you damn well better spell that word correctly.

Probably best to go with what your gut is telling you because ultimately you are the one who has to live with it.


Dec 4, 12 9:05 am
Jono Lee

well put!

Dec 4, 12 11:42 am

If the place you are applying to has 200-300 candidates - guess what? - "delete key for you"

Dec 4, 12 1:14 pm

i wouldn't worry about it if its for grad school (unless very prominate) for a job app. i'd re-print

Dec 4, 12 1:57 pm
Jono Lee

what about a missing word?

Jan 7, 13 1:55 am

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