English-speaking Architecture Programs in Europe


Europe has a number of great schools of architecture, and in my opinion the environment is very inspiring, architecturally speaking.
so I'm trying to find some info about English-speaking Architecture Programs in Europe, specifically, graduate programs.
and whether they are accredited in the US.
of course i could go through the process of learning another language (i already know english, japanese, persian and arabic) but studying in english is Definitely a priority for me.
So, any information, suggestion, thought.... anything.....

Aug 10, 07 7:28 pm

I've already started this research, here's where I started:

irani hasti?

Aug 10, 07 9:56 pm  · 

i've already checked out that one (and i added my own university to the list, Shahid Beheshti University as well as Tehran Univ.)
most of the universities in the list don't really have a fully english program, just a couple of courses in english,
any other information will be very appreciated...

Aug 11, 07 5:00 am  · 

THERE'S PLENTY of english speaking programs, i dont believe ANY of them are "accredited" in the U.S. (but i also think that moving out to europe, is first reason why u shouldn't mind if its or not accredited back at the states)...

ok just to mention a few:
_the Architectural Association (Dean Brett Steele), London, UK
_the Bartlett, London, UK
_IaaC, (Dean, Vicente Guallart), Barcelona, Spain
_the Staedelschule (Dean Ben van Berkel, from UN studio), Frankfurt, Germany
_the Domus Academy, Milano, Italy.
_the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Dean, Wolf Prix, from Coop Himmelb(l)au), Vienna, Austria
_the Berlage Institute (former Dean Alejandro Zaera-Polo from FOA, coming in is Vedran Mimica, who has been at Berlage forever, so no worries there), Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
_TU Delft, Delft, The Netherlands

etc etc etc etc

u might also want to try the school section of this very own website, ARCHINECT

good luck

Aug 11, 07 12:36 pm  · 


good links, very helpful.
i'm aware of good british architecture schools and english programs are quite obviously what one should expect there,
but what i meant was programs in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

and the reason i want to know if the programs are accredited in the US is to find out if it's possible to continue my academic career into PhD in the states, and whether i can go into "registered" practice afterward that stage.
Basically my question is how can you find out if your "international" degree in architecture is considered "professional" by the NAAB?

thx again

Aug 11, 07 3:06 pm  · 

The best you can do is look at the websites of each school that you're thinking about and see if they offer it in English. I already know that Swedish schools, Chamlers and KHT don't.

Furthermore...I believe you should be asking the school you want to attend for PhD, not NAAB, whether they accept an international degree.

Aug 11, 07 5:29 pm  · 

yup i dunno, i didnt study at the states and/or live there, i think u should ask schools actually where u plan to do ur PhD if they take u a grad program from the EU (european union) as a valid to do a PhD after, also i know there's this standrad of credits in the EU to be considered as a postgraduate in the states...i dunno dude, i kind of never worried about that... good luck! ;)

Aug 12, 07 1:48 pm  · 

european schools are not acrediated in the states unless its a program run by a us school in the states-[usually a year abroad program] -- but you are applying to a us school and doing coursework out of there.

if your serious about doing a phd in the states you might think about the masters there also - if your looking for funding its much easier to be established there as a starting point -letters of reference etc. connections to faculty -- if english isnt your first language doing a master dissertatio there will be a good practice.

if your research interest is specific to an architect, style or place in the world - then do your masters research there such as tafuri in italy - it doesnt seem like you know what your interested in studying which should be the driving parameter on school selection - not NAAB accrediation.

Aug 12, 07 2:03 pm  · 

good point TED

Aug 12, 07 2:10 pm  · 

TED, MADianito;

Ok, this is the situation: i'll be finishing my 5-year professional degree in architecture next year in Iran.
My intention was to go to the states to broaden my academic knowledge and expertise through a MSArch degree followed by a PhD.
i've participated in a couple of international workshops and conferences, so i have a couple of connections with faculty at Berkeley, MIT, Yale and especially Columbia. I also won a travel fellowship from the Rockefeller foundation and Columbia university this year.
I guess this might help me get into a good masters program in the states next year, but i'm not sure how much it would cost me, so i'm trying to keep my options open and also take european programs into consideration.
with much lower tuition fees and easier visa access for iranians in compare with the US (even if you've grown up in the states, like me), european programs seems like a good opportunity to experience an environment very different with Iran or the US and also save some bucks, it's just that i'm not sure if i'll be able to practice in the states afterwards(if i decided to do so someday)
for me, NAAB isn't a big deal at all, just an extra criteria i want to take into account, before i start filling application forms...

Aug 12, 07 3:37 pm  · 

i've had several students do this program in copenhagen

Aug 13, 07 1:49 am  · 

nomadzilla, if your doing a more history + theory focus on your research you might consider a proper history + theory course rather than 'architecture' which only scratches the surface -- likewise if your interest is in social science or parametric modeling do a course in those specific research areas where you will learn appropriate research methodologies rather than in archiecture- you will be much more attractive to a phd program if you enter the phd with coursework that is developed specificly within another discipline rather than through architecture which is too broad -- alternately dont just think you need to look in architecture departments for your phd - geography or many architecture phds are done within other humanities department such as islamic architecture through a language degree, etc. i think you would be very surprised how many architecture-related phds are being done outside those departments.

Aug 13, 07 5:52 am  · 

phds are all about interdisciplinary approach to ideas - think about it! the uniqueness of a thesis often comes from looking at architecture through the eyes of another discipline.

Aug 13, 07 5:54 am  · 

hi any one know the japanese speaking architecture program. I am learning japanese, swear facing lot of problems. have you any suggestion.

learn japanese free

Dec 13, 10 5:32 am  · 

I want to pursue m.arch course in Europe,will be done with my bachelors by june 2015.I was thinking Germany since it fits my budget(open to any other suggestion).I'm interested in the housing,environmental planning and architectural conservation preferably an English speaking course as it'll be easier for me to comprehend.I'm not over the top student, my average is 70.

Will be great be able if anyone could tell which colleges to go for,What are you chances of getting through,How do i go about making my portfolio(since i'll be done with theisis by june and well i have to submit my portfolio somewhere around feb)


Jul 22, 14 4:01 am  · 

If your goal is to get licensed/registered then it's important to pursue an accredited degree and make that your priority in selection.  However, if your plans include research or academia, you could pursue higher education degrees without worrying about accreditation.  I think European schools (and the European research industry) is more open to 'researchers' who are not licensed/registered professionals and it is a perfectly normal career choice.  To this end there are a number of MPhil, MRes, and PhD options.  You could try looking at which lists all academic jobs (including a number of funded PhDs) in the UK and often other countries as well.  There are other websites for European PhD listings, just google search it. 

In terms of what 'looks good' in the States, I would hazard a guess that a PhD from Cambridge or Oxford will not look bad if you are applying for teaching/research jobs in the States.  Mostly you will be critiqued on your publication record and if you've managed to secure any grants, obviously internationally speaking, having a good name school helps because people know it.

Good luck!

Jul 22, 14 5:35 am  · 
vaishnavi soni

i am looking for colleges that gives M.Arch degree in Europe (preferably germany).  I've seen so many colleges, but  they give MS degrees which are not accredited here in India in many firms and institutions. 

any sought of information is appreciated...

Aug 11, 16 10:05 pm  · 

For U.S. students, interns or architects looking to pursue Master's Studies in Continental Europe, AIA Europe is an invaluable resource. The 2017 AIA Europe Scholarship Call for Applications is now open.

Feb 17, 17 6:22 am  · 

good day i am looking for a university offering an undergraduate degree in architecture or urban design i prefere a three year full time  course in english.preferably starting by september 2017 or early 2018

i will also be pleased to find such university in africa or europe not very expensive and where visas are not very difficult.


can you help me please

Apr 12, 17 10:38 am  · 

You do know England is in Europe and its where English comes from right?

Apr 12, 17 10:59 am  · 


i am looking for a masters program in Germany. i don't mind having to study the language before i begin my course. i have studied and is fluent in french and Chinese and think i have the potential in studying languages. can someone recommend any schools in Germany where i could study since schools do not provide enough information as to whether it is possible to take intensive classes before enrolling in the masters program 

Apr 13, 17 3:34 am  · 

I'm A student from Vietnam is looking for a master degree. I would be graduated soon so I was looking for one in Europe. I was hoping to find some english-speaking program in France . Any suggestion ? Thanks !!!

Jul 26, 17 2:22 pm  · 

They have more English-speaking programs in the UK to be honest, I think almost all if not all their programs are in English, except perhaps in Scotland and Wales but I'm not sure about that.


Recently have been reading about Kent University, KU Leuven, and Domus Academy. I’d like to get a masters somewhere in Europe then practice in France but don’t know how the country to country thing works with licenses.

Feb 4, 18 6:05 am  · 

I am a student at ARCHIP in Prague and have to say coming to Europe from States was the best decision of my life. Great people from all around the world, and the culture and prices – oh boy. Also the school is very cool, small but with very close relationship with students, I get one on one consultations and know everyone by name, which is great, cause instantly you get 120 friends. If you hesitate, don't, you should definitely try it out!

Mar 27, 18 9:18 am  · 

Hi, I recently applied to that school but they seem to have forgotten about my application, is it only happening to me or do they take a long time to reply, because im not getting any notification. It would be very helpful to know


Have you tried switching it off and on again?


Hey, I wanted to know whether doing in architecture makes me a licensed architect? Or do I have to do B.Arch? Can someone tell me of any good institutes in the states or Europe whose  total fees comes upto 5000$ per year? i also need these institutes to have English speaking program

Jun 9, 18 3:21 am  · 

If anyone in this group can share more details about “Cracow University of technology, Poland, for BA Architecture (Undergraduate).  I would like to know more about, the College, teaching etc (merits/demerits) 


Sep 8, 20 1:00 am  · 

Here is a list of all internationally certified NAAB professional architecture degrees. I believe University College Dublin in Ireland is the only English speaking school on the list.,for%20Landscape%20Architecture%20(EFLA).

Sep 9, 20 7:52 am  · 
1  · 

I think you would find these may be all in english -


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