Please critique my portfolio (good stress relief for you)


Hi everyone!

I am finishing up my portfolio (about 90%) for M.Arch I applications. I have uploaded it here:


Side question: when a program asks for a portfolio of 20 pages, do the 20 pages include cover, blank, resume and index pages?

I still have to polish it a bit, check spelling, etc. minor things...

I would really appreciate if you give me some feedback on it before I print it next week. Applying to about 10 schools, half on the west coast and half on the east coast. 


Thanks in advance!



Dec 1, 12 10:03 pm

I would also be adding at the last pages: a couple photographs, and a page with thumbnails of other projects I have designed. Gracias!

Dec 1, 12 10:17 pm

can i know u r academic background ???

Dec 2, 12 12:02 am

25/m/B.Arch university of new México

1 year of work in the US: intern architect, energy modelling, daylight design, LEED consultant (20+ projects)

2 years of work in Quito, Ecuador: project manager, lead project designer at firm, sustainability especialist and specialist in educational projects.
A bunch of corporate towers designed and under construction (those are too simple and straightforward to include in portfolio... They play the game of the real-state environment here so nothing exciting apart from nice looking facades)

Personal work: 2 built houses, 2 sustainability consultancy projects and starting a few more in a couple months

Dec 2, 12 12:27 am

Nice graphics. What programs are you using?

Dec 3, 12 11:45 am


CAD > Sketchup> V-Ray/Maxwell > Photoshop >Illustrator > Indesign

Dec 3, 12 12:48 pm

Well done portfolio. Lots of valuable information and indepth design thinking. The main and reoccuring issue I see with your portfolio is how sporatic each page appears. There is so much information but because you are cramming all this information on to each page it difficult to follow and see how each bit of information relates. Its a very good problem to have too much information because it shows how deep your design thinking goes. Its also a very difficult problem to beable to filter this information down into a sensable and quickly understandable portfolio. The challange I would give you is to try and boil down a few of your ideas down into a few more comprehensive diagrams or go more indepth into one or two projects.

Ultimatly it would be helpful if you could figure out how to say more with less.

Dec 3, 12 6:53 pm

More process work would be good. Particularly hand-drawn sketches showing how you think with a pen/pencil in your hand.

Dec 3, 12 7:17 pm

Holy shit... your portfolio just pissed all over my self-esteem...

1. Check the admission requirements. From what I've seen most school don't count the cover page, table of contents, etc.

2. I recommend more uniformity. For example, have a template for each cover page of each project. Also. have all the projects follow the same sequence-> ex. perspective rendering, then floor plans, then details

3. Try to maintain lines between pages. For ex. pg 16 and 17

4. Less stuff. Your portfolio is quite overwhelming. Leave only the essentials. No biggie, having too much information is always a good problem to have lol

Dec 4, 12 9:48 pm
Your portfolio looks great but your formating needs to be more consistent. Also add more process sketches so we can see your work flow. Also I would love to see some more detail drawings of the projects.
Dec 5, 12 2:34 am

I would have to agree with most of the guys here... Your content and graphics look great!  The only thing I find distracting is that you tried to cramp too much info on one page like someone mentioned.  A more uniform layout might help but at least your projects are looking really good.  You should have no problem getting into a new school especially if you tweak some of the minor issues peole have mentioned!

Dec 6, 12 8:30 pm

Hey! Sorry I havent replied to your comments yet, I have been terribly busy with work and finishing up the essays and all other stuff. I really appreciate your help, it is true what you point out, that the pages may be to crammed and I lack hand drawings. Ill try to make some time to fix that hopefully. Its a little hard though with the page limits that universities have. I added a couple intermission pages with photgraphs to give some sort of break while reading the portfolio. It did help. Ill post the finished portfolio when I can.

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your comments. 

Dec 7, 12 12:01 pm

The rough process work is more important than the polished stuff. If you have to cut some renderings to get sketch and diagram work in, I'd do it.

Dec 7, 12 1:51 pm

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