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Hi All,

I am currently applying to several M.Arch programs, and I am a little confused regarding the online application vs. supplementary documents.

1) For GSAPP and other schools that allow the applicant's letter providers submit the letters online, can I submit the application without all the letters uploaded? But the letter providers will submit the letters before the deadline.

Because GSAPP ask the applicants to send supplementary documents AFTER submitting the online application, If I have to wait until I got all the letters before I hit the submit button, I am afraid that my portfolio (hard copy) won't arrive at the school by the deadline.

Also, If I sent them my GRE score before I submit my online application, would that count?


2)  I sent SCI-ARC my GRE score and transcript BEFORE I hit the submit button for my online application. Now, after I submitted my online application, in, I didn't see them on file, should I resubmit my these documents?




Dec 1, 12 1:03 am

no- it takes time for them to update your folder. chillax. 

Dec 3, 12 11:16 am

just apply by before the deadline.. then contact them about your recommendation letters and transcript.  They have hundreds of applications to go through and I'm sure they can wait until all your documents arrive as long as its not past the date they send out their admission results.

Dec 3, 12 3:48 pm

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