MIArch 1 - Non Design BA Portfolio Help


I am applying to UofO Interior Architecture program. My undergrad degree is in Art History. I would love a critique of my portfolio!  

I have not had the opportunity to do a summer program or take any computer/design classes so I am worried that my portfolio is not very strong.  Any suggestions? 

The school is looking for POTENTIAL.

Comments, advise, suggestions please!

Nov 28, 12 9:33 pm

My suggestion would be to take the instagram pictures out.  Not that they are bad pictures, but I immediately recognized the borders/filters for some of them as being from Instagram.  

Nov 28, 12 11:08 pm

i agree with paintitblack, take those out. do you have any actual hand drawings that you can scan? 

Dec 3, 12 11:26 am

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