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Hello friends of Archinect,

I have posted my portfolio on archinect before but wanted to see what others had to say. I have recently decided to update my current portfolio with more up-to-date projects and with this update I thought I would take the opportunity to change a few things. Anyways, let me know what you think? What do you like/dislike? I would really like opinions on the graphical style and layout opposed to the projects portratyed inside as alot are out of date and will be removed.


Portfolio - - the white text does not show well in issuu but the pdf and print copies look nice. So ignore that

Portfolio Brief -


Thank you very much,


Nov 28, 12 4:12 pm
Jono Lee

hey derek,

my credentials as a non-b.arch student (actually, just looking to apply to the m.arch from a fine arts bg) won't be much help...

however, purely from a design/layout perspective, i think you nailed it.

what's great about is, the colour palette appears very consistent, along with the spread ordering. not only that, it looks like you paid very careful attention to the imaging, as they are framed very nicely.

  personally, i think they're a little over-satured for my taste, but all in all, from a design perspective, it's very sophisticated.

Nov 28, 12 6:18 pm

Very nice portfolio. I agree with all the comments above. But to balance this all out I could add that perhaps this is too consistent. Your projects, approach, graphics, and layout seem repetitive and looses its punch. I would be interested to see your progression over the years, what you've learned and how your procress has transformed.

Nov 28, 12 6:52 pm

1) the blue is popping more than your projects are. Let the focus be on your work.

2) ending on those tract-home renderings is doing nothing for you. Good rule of thumb is, put your best two projects first and last so that reviewers start and end on a good impression.

Nov 28, 12 8:21 pm

Your sketches are very crisp and nice to look at.  And your models are very well done.

Nov 28, 12 11:20 pm


Your portfolio looks great. Those wood models are amazing. I agree with everything said on the previous comments, end the portfolio with a stronger project. The layouts do seem all the same. I would suggest that you include more diagrams or conceptual process as they show the thought behind a project. 

Where are you applying to?


Good Luck!

Nov 29, 12 9:36 am

Thank you guys all very much for the comments. I agree with removing the "tract-home" renderings and a few other projects towads the end. However I might have taht as my own personal portfolio that I inculde everything i have done while the version submitted to firms would be smaller with better projects.

Rationist - besides blue do you have any suggestion for a different color or should i keep it more neutral.

jholguin71 - I most definitely agree about adding more conceptual process stuff, I have some great small sketches that would be great to include. Also since im still a student at cal poly slo, this is mostly for firms. Im already interning at HOK San Francisco currenttly, and starting at Gensler LA next month. But I am thinking about applying to some great architecture firms in New York city.

Does anyone have any advice for some great firms in the area?

Nov 29, 12 12:38 pm

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