M.Arch Application Portfolio Questions


Hi all, 

Just a couple questions I have regarding my portoflio for M.Arch applications:


Should I order my projects chronologically? Earliest first or earliest at the end? (I have work projects, school projects and personal projects)

Or do you think it is ok if I order them differently, like the strongest projects at the beggining and end, independent of when I made them?

How important is the font you use? It seems people really give that a lot of attention, but i was fine using arial until a friend told me it was not a good idea to do that...


Thank you very much!

Nov 22, 12 7:27 am

the content of your portfolio is most important. neither the order nor font will make a difference if your work is particularly bad or good.

having said that, i tend to think that it's always a good idea to start and end strong. chronology doesn't really matter unless it is relevant to some overall narrative that you are trying to tell about your progression over time.

everyone has their own opinions on fonts, but it's generally a good idea to have a font that is both legible and does not distract from your work. personally, i would not use arial. there are plenty of other sans serif fonts that are similar, but look much nicer.

good luck to you!

Nov 23, 12 1:32 am
Jono Lee

i personally think sans serif fonts are grossly over-used. if you can find a nice serif font, not only will it be easier to read, i think it will make for a more sophisticated design statement...but that's just my bias, because i used serifs in my folio.

Nov 23, 12 1:40 am

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