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I'm applying for grad schools (MArch) and I've narrowed down my choices to Clemson, UTennessee, Georgia Tech, U Illinois Urbana Champaign, and possibly U Virginia. Any opinions about what would be best? Input would help a lot. Thanks.

Nov 21, 12 2:12 am

Honestly, you might wanna apply next year instead. Most applications are due in December and January so it's gonna be really hard to put together a decent application that quick. Even if you already took the GRE, satisfied with your portfolio, and have essay templates, you're gonna need to give recommendation writers atleast a month to write letters for you.  

Nov 22, 12 12:28 am
Which of those schools would you recommend?
Nov 22, 12 4:00 am

Noypi... that wasnt the question.

Anyway, jfree, where do you want to focus on your career? sustainability, construction/structures, theory, digital, etc? figure out what insterests youa nd what are you good at and pick a school out of those who is stronger in that area. 

Nov 22, 12 7:32 am

UIC is worlds different than the other choices you mentioned. Very digital / exploratory.

I would go to Clemson--I think they have good rep down south as a design school.

Nov 22, 12 12:07 pm
reed b/w

I went to Clemson and Georgia Tech, and I think very highly of each school. 

Tech seems to be heading in very digital direction in terms of fabrication and exploration  (if that makes sense).  Clemson has a very nice grasp on how to actually teach design. 

Each school has amazing new buildings.  Tech's is an adaptive re-use by Office da and Clemson's is a new building by Thomas Phifer. 

Tech grads dominate Atlanta firms, so that's something to think about. 

The president of CU is an architect, so the school gets a good deal of attention while the architecture school at Tech takes a back seat to the engineering schools.

Tech gets a lot of great architects from around Atlanta to teach studios.

Clemson's fluid campus (study abroad program) is amazing.

Nov 22, 12 7:02 pm

dont go its a waste of money

Nov 25, 12 11:20 pm

which school you want to join in?how about  Clemson and Georgia Tech or other,

Nov 27, 12 2:23 am

DaveZ is right. The best advice about graduate school is DON'T.

Nov 27, 12 12:32 pm

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