diagrid structure


hello people...i am a student of architecture..i am designing an automobile museum and want to model the diagrid structure..i'm using revit and unable to figure out a way to model it... need thesis final jury is approaching and have very less time to model it...

please help me..


the images show the mullions but it is not diagrid obviously...

Nov 21, 12 1:41 am

if you can't model it on a computer how will somebody build it?

Nov 21, 12 2:10 am

you can do these really easily in rhino with the grasshopper plugin called lunchbox. it has a diagrid function both for making a structure, as well as panels from nurbs surfaces

Nov 21, 12 7:14 am

thank you sausages....

but now i was finding it difficult to learn rhino and model i have worked on revit so far..and the only video available on diagrid on youtube is for simple rectangular building..

still i would give it a try...if you could send me some tips that would be very supportive...

@calculator...yes you are right mate..but it is definitely possible for this building and i would suggest you to look out for diagrid will believe me and in my design..

Nov 21, 12 11:47 am

screw diagrid... your building is tilting to the right and it definitely doesn't look like a design intent.  Looks more like its being sucked into a black hole.

Nov 21, 12 1:22 pm

i am guessing you have not seen the image i have uploaded...

i asked for help and not for comments on it..i'll definitely do it and post a pic of it...

it is people like you who inspire me to continue with this...thnx mate

Nov 21, 12 3:36 pm

rhino isnt too hard, if you know autocad you wont have trouble learning rhino quickly. it took me a few days before i was up to speed using it. you could make the structural columns and beams in rhino/grasshopper (just as solids) and then bring it into revit as a conceptual mass to assign parameters to it. other than that i cant really help.. .

Nov 21, 12 3:41 pm

@sausages..yes m gud at autocad..i would definitely giv it a try now..u r an inspiration man..keep up d gud work..n thnx a ton fr responding and helping..

this much help is well sufficient... :)

Nov 21, 12 4:09 pm

This should be doable in Revit, since you are a student, no one will care about calculations or your knowledge of a feasible diagrid structure. You just need to learn to use adaptive components.
Just from an actual design stand point, you may want to add more logic to your form and structure and research how diagrids actually work. There are some good whitepapers on diagrids, and one I know of that focuses on The Bow by Foster and Partners.

Nov 21, 12 4:57 pm

@demonstrate-> I was not suggesting that the design is impossible, rather that if you cannot model it in 3d you probably do not know enough about the structure to design it to be buildable for steel fabrication and construction.

Nov 21, 12 10:05 pm
demonstrate are right sir..i gave entire day yesterday to build it at any cost...i have figured out the method of doing it..just working on it more to make it look feasible...and yes i only asked for some help to make it look workable at student level..

@calculator...i understood mate...i was not able to since i was unaware of some family types to be developed in gradually learn and you can not master it...whenever there is something new you have to recall all your experience to build it...

Nov 21, 12 10:34 pm

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