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I know that this isn't a computer forum, but...

I am running Itunes on my PC and am having a problem. Every now and then, random songs will not play. According to Itunes, the song file can't be found. When I go to the album folder where the song should be, it is missing.

Has anyone else had this problem???


Aug 25, 04 11:54 pm

most likely a self-destructing .mp4 or .m4a or whatever shared file.
If you dont pay for them they vanish. (aquired from iTunes store) Bu and rip your own CD's and you wont have that problem.

Aug 26, 04 2:57 pm

no happens to me sometimes when im playing a music file from a shared computer. or an external hard disk and the device is switched off..then itunes tries to look for the file, and asks to locate it

Aug 26, 04 3:59 pm

that was my point exactly - those certain files are not meant to be shared.
I'm not being pompous - you misread my tone. I stay away from those smart files - makes life difficult

Aug 26, 04 4:47 pm

these are songs that I ripped from my own CD's so I dont know what is happening. Once again, Apple products prove to be un-stable

Aug 26, 04 5:41 pm

i am going to go with user error on this one. I have run itunes on my PC with zero problems.

Aug 26, 04 5:52 pm

mdler - ive ran into that problem about a year or so ago on my mac. the problem seemed to be that i ripped music outside the designated folder (home/music on mac and probably my documents/my music on PC) - selective songs from cds ive ripped mysteriously vanished and i didnt know why, and reindexing my drive for those missing songs didnt help. all i did was reinstall and update itunes and allow it to manage all my files and since then i havent had any problems.

Aug 26, 04 7:52 pm

mdler: I don't know which programme you used to rip your cds, but if do happen to use itunes for ripping your songs, it should put it in the my music/itunes folder. or what i usually do it just select songs from cd and drag them into the library.

however, if you're positive your songs are still in your disk, what you could do is locate and add them to the library again and use itunes to consolidate your library. it should copy everything to my music/itunes.

Aug 27, 04 2:15 am

follow zboy

Let itunes organise your library (consolidate)

Aug 27, 04 3:07 am

burn/import using iTunes - go through your preferences and select "import using mp3 encoder" sure to get the file names before you import..blah blah blah. I, too have found iTunes and my iPod to be amazing.

Aug 27, 04 9:26 am
Non Sequitur

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Jan 23, 20 6:01 am

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