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If you attended this school as either an undergraduate or graduate student please tell me about your experience as I would like to attend their master's program. Thank you.

Jul 16, 07 11:21 am


I attended BSU and graduated 1990. My education has served me well. As a general rule, BSU CAP grads are well prepared for professional practice with a mix of design skills, technical knowledge, and reality.

The faculty ranges from long-timers nearing retirement through younger teachers motivated by sustainable design and digital fabrication.

As with any major decision, research, visit, talk to other people to get the best understanding that you can before you commit. Same advice works for marriage, buying a car, having kids, where to vacation, etc.

Jul 18, 07 11:44 pm  · 

and, since i know spark and several of his bsu contemporaries, i can tell you as a non-bsu-er that all of them are sharp, well-rounded, and have been well-prepared by their educations to make their own paths in the architecture profession.

more than grads of other places, i've noted that the bsu grads haven't settled for the standard trajectory but have taken control of their careers and made them what they wanted. i'm a fan.

Jul 19, 07 7:46 am  · 

Thank you Spark & Steven for taking the time to respond to my question. It sounds as if you are both highly satisfied with your education and collaboration with BSU alumni.

Jul 19, 07 8:11 am  · 

balls tate.

Jul 19, 07 11:36 pm  · 

i got accepted to their MLA program and visited the campus last month.
the building and facilities are average but they do have a very strong group of faculty members.
muncie is not the prettiest town but studio should keep you busy and away from the ugly part of the town. the area around campus is nice

Jul 20, 07 4:23 pm  · 

Muncie leaves tons to be desired....that said there are some interesting places there. There are some great faculty on staff who are very good. It is just a bit isolated. Indianapolis is not exactly a mecca of architecture, being the closest nearby city. Chicago is doable but a bit of a hike. It is close to Columbus, IN and new Harmony, IN. I felt like, in general, there are some very well connected faculty who bring in a broad perspective. There are many travel opportunities. The Institute of Digital Fabrication with Kevin Klinger is doing some really great things. They put on a great international symposium back in April that brought a lot of progressive architects into the area.

I liked my undergrad time there. I felt well prepared to go into post undergrad endeavors.. I went onto a grad program at an Ivy and have worked in New York and Chicago and Ball State has a solid reputation. For good reason in my opinion. A solid and economical choice. Good luck in your decision.

Aug 5, 07 5:53 pm  · 

They are also beginning to engage Indianapolis more. They have an MArch program starting in Indy in the Spring. And I spoke to a guy about their newly revamped urban design program in Indy doing real projects.

Jul 14, 17 2:39 pm  · 

I attended Temple Univ undergrad (nobody cares) but one of their newer professors taught at Ball State. Andrew wit, had him for studio and he was real cool. 

Jul 14, 17 9:02 pm  · 

Can attest to BSU

Jul 15, 17 10:57 am  · 

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