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Hi all, I am applying for my M.Arch to the following schools: 

Harvard, Yale, Upenn, Columbia, UCLA, IIT, UBC and Berkeley. 

On the admissions information it says that I have to submit 3 letters of recommendation. It doesn't specify if it has to be exactly 3 letters, or minimum of 3 letters. Does anyone applying of by experience know if I can submit for than 3 letters to these schools? When I access the Harvard Online application it allows me to invite up to 5 recommenders, that confused me. Any help would be appreciated. 



Nov 4, 12 6:34 pm

3 for most. no less, no more, just 3.

if I recall from last year only Harvard and UCBerk allows more than 3. so min 3, but up to 4 or 5.. 

Nov 4, 12 8:35 pm

Typically, 3 exceptional letters would be better than 5 good letters. So, one strategy at least, would be to just do the 3, but be sure that the writers you select will make a strong impact. Let's say, for the sake of having more, you included a fourth mediocre letter, it might lower the quality of the other 3.

Feb 3, 20 6:59 pm

To your point - some of the schools say that you can provide four, but they may only choose three to read. As an applicant, you have no control over which ones they choose to read.


Normally, it required 3, not saying "required" but most of ppl doing that. So if you have less than 3, it shows somehow not a strong application (personal opinion).

In most application process, on line portal especially, there are only 3 slots for your RL upload, which means 3 is max. Some of the school allow 4 letters (but they may only have time read 3), but I never heard about 5 letters. And even though you have 5 letters, online portal normally doesn't have the slot for you.

I am quite curious how those appliants saying have 5/6 RLs upload them ......

Feb 5, 20 4:47 pm

Max 5 for GSD.

Max 4 for MIT.

Max 3 for Yale.

That's the limit I see for this year.

Feb 7, 20 9:57 am

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