Columbia's Two Cities Programme: Paris/NYC.


Hi all,

I'm a senior at the University of Melbourne, originally from New Zealand. I'm hoping to eventually apply to the US for grad school in the near future. However, as I'll only be graduating with a 3 year undergrad with a major in Architecture (that's how it is in AUS, NZ + UK) so I'm hoping to improve content for my portfolio for grad school applications. I've come across the two cities programme at Columbia and have heard great things about it. 


I'm really interested in applying but have a few questions. 

1) What is the best time to apply even though admissions are on a rolling basis? (I'm hoping to get this semesters grades on my transcript which won't come through till December.)

2) How competitive is admission into the programme and what are they looking for in prospective students? 


It'd be great if someone could answer these questions for me. Thanks.

Oct 12, 12 7:30 pm

Are you looking at M.Arch I ?  I'm not too sure if  Aus/ UK 3-year BA/Bsc or equivalent is recognized in reputable schools (Ivy). Best to contact the schools i guess.

As for the program you mentioned ,  i think it's designed for those who dont have arch background....or those who want to get some ideas what's Columbia like .. i might be wrong here.

A friend of mine went to a relatively good school ( according to him ) in San Francisco ,  ( not Sci Arc ) ..... he also had a BA Arch just like you from Aus , i think he's doing M.Arch I

You might wanna look at 5 Year B.Arch too , they might put you straight at year 4

Good luck

Oct 14, 12 12:36 am

I'm looking at M.Arch 1. From what I understand, with a 3 year undergrad, US schools put you into an M.Arch 1 with a 3 years duration (similar to people who come from a non-architecture background).

I basically wish two get two things out of this programme.

1) See what the Columbia experience is, like you said.

2) Enhance my portfolio through intensive studio work.

What school did you friend graduate from in Australia? And he went straight into a M.Arch 1 right? I'm just hoping that this programme + work experience will enhance my portfolio and take it into the direction I want.

Thanks :)

Oct 14, 12 3:13 am

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