architecture school rings


adding onto to this topic of archi-elitism...
does anyone's school hold the tradition of giving out architecture rings at graduation? something like an engineer's ring..? my school has one but i'm wondering if this is only school-specific or not...

Aug 17, 04 10:49 am

I think Natinal University in Mexico still does not sure...i didnt went there... but they might...

Escuela de arquitectura de la UNAM

Aug 17, 04 2:13 pm

I've got an architecture school mug from UCLA. I had to pay for it, though.

Aug 17, 04 7:10 pm

a few in my class got overall school rings, but we were so detached from student life it seemed kind of trivial. I regret it now though.

Aug 17, 04 9:49 pm

i don't know what an architecture or engineer's ring is. someone please explain.

Aug 17, 04 9:51 pm

The traditional rings at my university are hideous to say the least. So I worked up some drawings and had titanium era fabricate it for me. It turned out great and was half the cost of a traditional.
this is the ring

Aug 18, 04 2:02 am

out of much did that ring cost you, roughly?

Aug 18, 04 6:37 pm

350 roughly..its titanum and white gold

Aug 18, 04 7:18 pm

Pretty cool ring. I would have considered one of those.

Aug 18, 04 7:32 pm

They didn't have the inlayed silver ones, I think I would have preferred silver to white gold. I was actually working with a silversmith in London on a version that was inlayed with concrete. We got into an argument on some of the details that I wanted to ensure that the concrete was not going to fall out if it cracked. Anyhow, it became too difficult to describe through emailed sketches, 3d models, etc. I'd still like to make one if I find someone who works with concrete and jewelry.

Aug 18, 04 7:46 pm


Konzuk's work is of very nice nice quality and she does work in concrete. i don't know how 'big' she's gotten but she was published a couple of times. she may or may not be into one-offs. good luck.

Aug 19, 04 4:40 pm

Thanks for the link. Konzuk's work is great, and of much better quality than the previous jewler I was working with. kelvin birk

Aug 19, 04 8:11 pm

In Brazil we wear a Silver or Gold ring with a blue rock, usually Sapphire or Aquamarine.

May 15, 19 11:08 pm

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