contemporary brick precedents


i'm proposing brick as a material for my studio project this term.
i was wondering if anyone knew of any contemporary precedents that uses brick in a non-brutal manner? something that alludes to porosity or has a lot of play with glazing as well?

i have no idea about contemporary possibilities with brick....
any suggestions?

Apr 5, 07 7:35 pm

Caruso St John Architects
Private Residence in London

Apr 5, 07 7:38 pm
office da
Apr 5, 07 7:40 pm

check out the work of Office dA for some incredible modern brick detailing

Apr 5, 07 7:41 pm

i would argue about the brick use in that project...asside from the building having a contemporary composition, the brick work still seems rather typical to me.

I can make it out for sure, but from here it looks like a running bond.

Apr 5, 07 7:48 pm

agreed...but check out that contemporary composition!

Apr 5, 07 8:12 pm

check out roto's prairie view a+m architecture school:


Apr 6, 07 6:58 am

Skirkanich Hall, Univ. of PENN, TWBTA

Green glazed brick.

Article: World Architecture News

Apr 6, 07 9:40 am

Skirkanich image

Apr 6, 07 9:41 am
curt clay

I forget the building, but Mecanoo has a cool building that did some interesting things with brick..

Apr 6, 07 10:23 am

An old issue of Arch mag had a house (cover) that used a brick and poured concrete structural system. Assemble brick (used as formwork) and then pour the structure.... at least that's how I remember the article anyway.

Apr 6, 07 10:34 am

The pixel house by Mass Studies:

Apr 6, 07 11:03 am

aalto house

Apr 6, 07 1:14 pm
Apr 6, 07 1:15 pm

Help me people from India.....who is the Architect with all the great masonry projects.....screen walls....and wonderful intergration of brick into detail?

Apr 6, 07 5:59 pm

i'm not from india, but might you be talking about[url=]marcelo cordara[/i]?

Apr 6, 07 6:41 pm

dammit:marcelo cordara?

Apr 6, 07 6:41 pm
won and done williams

balkrishna doshi?

Apr 6, 07 8:18 pm
won and done williams

isn't that eladio dieste, steven?

(who is also a good one to look at.)

Apr 6, 07 8:21 pm

yes, dieste. cordara was the one who posted the pix. oops.

Apr 6, 07 8:23 pm
Alan Loomis
Sigurd Lewerentz
Apr 6, 07 8:47 pm
Alan Loomis

Oops - Sigurd Lewerentz is not exactly representative of "non-brutal manner... that alludes to porosity or has a lot of play with glazing". He is still cool, though. My lame-ish follow up will be SITE's Best Showrooms.

Apr 6, 07 8:49 pm
Ben Foster

check out the work of KeirenTimberlake, from Philadelphia.

They do a lot of very interesting institutional work.

Apr 6, 07 9:08 pm

Yes.Dieste Study it well.

Apr 7, 07 8:34 am

Algorithmic brick laying in action

This is a really great video clip demonstrating the new way of brick construction method.

Apr 8, 07 1:31 am
MVRDV and brick blasphemy
Apr 8, 07 1:46 am

i think those kids at MVRDV are insane, maybe even in a good way

Apr 8, 07 3:12 am

novascape --- I look at the clip ;

But I wonder very much -- in the text they say that usealy robots just mimic workers but this is different ; can you see anything different, isn't the robot just mimicing a worker again ?

Sorry to say ,as this project seem to have been reciving a lot of support ,but again where are the new thing ? Do anyone realy find it so newthinking ,to replace a worker with an expensive robot, being trapped in obvious rigid building panels as by architect-robot --- I mean the robot palce brick after brick untill a square section are made ,and then a truck transport these to the site, where they are fittet into a rigid concrete beam grid --- Gee just emagine the same efford had been used on something realy newthinking, somthing where the robot was not just mimicing a worker but an intiligent part of a not-trivial way to build.

In this tread I will not say Kill The Brick, as I see a lot as Art , but these attemts to replace a worker with a Robot, those I think is without real Visions.

Apr 8, 07 10:11 am

who needs brick laying robots when you have brick laying Mexicans??

Apr 8, 07 12:16 pm

Sad it is so damned difficult, to fight good ol "what we got is good enough , what you just said proved xactly how bad it is.

It's like this ; first you think it is silli, to replace what work realy well, with something you can'e emagine , Staying with bricks mean staying at the ground as they will not send bricklayers to the Moon, bside to send mimic brick robots there is so way silli , that I think no one realy mean it.

Like all old proud crafts, bricklaying must meet the same desteny, as other ol proud crafts ; mimicing workers is simply not the way, and replacing it with cheap labor, make no difference --- the new digital options are not limited by our perception, it often tell about even further wonders , Bricks is I guess alright if that's what you want, but it is not clever technology to just mimic the bricklaying worker. How can anyone allow such dead-end theme supports. I wonder how much a rugid 3D-H framework for a nice house would cost, --- see I think it will be a third the cost of a brick house anyway , look at some drawings of a 3D-H think how fast that could be paneled and how much different, from a brick wall house. Kill that Brick .

Apr 8, 07 12:36 pm

3D-H FTW!!!

Apr 8, 07 4:20 pm

wow thanks for all the feedback guys. keep it coming if there's more!

Apr 8, 07 4:25 pm

ya there is that other guy from India....who did some wonderful masonry buildings, just can't remember his name.....I know it wasn't Gandhi....Help me you guys from India.....

Apr 8, 07 5:36 pm
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

Wait ... can you use "contemporary" and "precedent" in the same sentence? Isn't "contemporary precedent" an oxymoron?

Apr 8, 07 9:24 pm

haha i was just thinking the same thing the other day when reading back at my post. you guys know what i mean though!
precedent as in, anything built before today.
contemporary meaning, something built in this stylist era...
you know!

Apr 8, 07 9:29 pm
won and done williams

snooker, my favorite indian architect, louis kahn? or was it ganghis kahn? no, he was mongolian. maybe albert kahn? he did some wonderful work with bricks. "what does a brick want to be?"

Apr 8, 07 10:21 pm

check out kahn's library at philips exeter where, apparently, when kahn asked the brick what it wanted to be, it replied 'veneer'.

Apr 9, 07 7:14 am

ja....seriously there was or is an architect who I bleive studied with Wright who did alot of Masonry Architecture in India. I recall seeing
photos of his work a number of years ago, but I do not recall his name.

Apr 9, 07 7:32 am
won and done williams

i thought you were joking, now i'm curious. it's not doshi, is it? he did some bizarre vaulted stuff.

i worked for an indian architect for a year and thought i knew the scene. i'll have to ask around.

Apr 9, 07 8:46 am

]zumthor in cologne[/url]

look under "baustelle 2007"

Apr 9, 07 9:04 am

ups, try again, first timer, sorry, didnt see the text below. written too small...architects...

zumthor in cologne

look under baustelle 2007

Apr 9, 07 9:08 am
Mar 8, 08 2:41 pm

I thought I would bump this thread because I saw this project by Lyons Architects today:

which uses laser etched brick in a variety of patterns designed to resemble timber grains:

I think the concept behind it is pretty interesting (digital technologies + traditional methods investigating surface treatment), and the produced effect is sort of an odd abstraction of timber cladding, but i'm not so sure how i feel about it. pretty interesting nevertheless

May 21, 08 1:52 pm

I've seen 2 examples of Gramazio and Kohler's work from the ETH.

Their website shows a winery project with an interesting application of pre-fabricated brick panels.

Also SHoP's Huston Street Project. Or is it Houston....I forget.

May 27, 08 2:50 pm

phuyaké - yes, Lyons are masters at brick. The use of brick in Australian architecture is very prevalent.

May 27, 08 9:43 pm


Jul 29, 08 4:02 pm
pist intern

does this count?

Jul 29, 08 4:13 pm

All i can say is i never saw this thread before. Now i have and am glad.

Wow so many beatiful buildings...
I have always loved the texture and massing of brick...

Jul 29, 08 4:14 pm

yes yes, pist-i. exactamente.

Jul 29, 08 4:26 pm

for an affordable, practical application, the new condos in soho by SHoP are a good precedent for prefab redbricks in a cool way

Jul 29, 08 4:54 pm

We are currently researching brick precedents. Here's a quick list I compiled using flickr. While some of these might not be considered 'contemporary', they are, IMO, worth showing. Sorry for not embedding the pics...








Jul 30, 08 11:32 am

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