Run Hillary Run


she is gaining momentum over her challengers. she was able to raise shitloads of money for a first time presidential runner. she can cream guilliani. i think her and edwards will team up. but i really don't know about their past relationship. is there any bad blood between clintons and edwards?
it could be a wonderful american love affair. what do you think of pelossi, the other woman? i think, and i agree with architect michael rotondi, a woman or women will save the our american ass from disaster.

also on another political subject,
what do you think about iran taking british prisoners? i think persians are very sophisticated chess players at this time.

pelosi is going to syria. there are a lots of blurs on axis of evil these days.

there is not much of political stone throwing going around here and i dont want to bring up ' dead wrong' thread.

any advice on, how to proceed with political discussions. it is like nothing matters anymore. i think 6 american troops lost their lives in iraq yesterday and even yahoo doesn't report it.

Apr 2, 07 4:13 pm

Pelosi is going to Syria and Cheney is moving his company to Dubai...

they are all in it together

Apr 2, 07 4:21 pm

she is supposed to take a messege from israel to syria.

it might be that israel wants to keep syrians at bay before usa (if ever) attacks iran and things really get out of hand.
pelosi went over there tell syrians that all will be alright when her people win the elections in 08 and do not attack israel with rockets, if something happens in the persian gulf in the near feature.

our armed forces showed some muscle with two aircraft carriers doing a tv special in the persian gulf recently while the british are still in captivity.

cheney knows it is end of a political carier for him as well along with bush.

i hate the law that makes a president lame duck. i think people should do the job as long as they are elected and people want them two. but this lame ducking period is really a waste of two years from people's pockets. you fucking know when presidents start to make jokes about themselves on talk show type of things, that they are not doing much in the oval office.

" last year at this time polls showed i had 30% approval. they were the good old days"

Apr 2, 07 4:43 pm

Now I may just have to start a:
run richardson, run thread.
I like rooting for the underdawg and richardson versus mccain would be quite fun a hoedown!

Of the dems running (if gore stays on the sideline), richardson has the best environmental record and platform- unlike hilary's foray into water policy (ahem whitewater). Okay, that was a cheap shot.

a good dose of post-menopausal estrogen in the white house may just save the world and our skin...

Apr 2, 07 5:38 pm
work for idle hands

reminds me of a joke i heard:

..democrats and republicans are apparently both purchasing bumper stickers that say 'run hillary run'... dems are putting them on their back bumpers and republicans are putting them on their front...

Apr 2, 07 6:11 pm

I normally go democrat on the presidentials, but there's one republican with an Iraq strategy that stands out from the rest right now: actually asking the Iraqis whether they want us there, and when they want us out. What a concept!

Apr 2, 07 6:18 pm

Actually Hillary seems like a republican. Almost all of her policies seem to be on that constituency. I vote both parties, and I really could care less either way, but she is not as good as advertised.

I also think that New York politics corrupted her tremendously. Before you know it, she will be as miserable a wreck as Nanci Pelosi. Pelosi will be hobb-knobbing to the Israelis this weak and then travel to Syria to relay their threats. And next thing you know, thumb up her ass -- because she is not only woefully unqualified to be a "mediator", she knows nothing about that part of the world. Hillary will be the same way but worse.

Barack Obama has not been corrupted yet and surely that is why it must be him.

Apr 2, 07 6:33 pm
Mulholland Drive

I don't know...I think by using "as miserable a wreck as...", "corrupted", and "unqualified" is a little ill-thought out. George W. Bush set that standard quite high in all those qualities, so to use that on anyone like Hillary or Pelosi is absurd to say the least.

My money is on Hillary right now, but I would consider Chuck Hagel of Nebraska if he ran. I agree with abracadabra, who agrees with is time for a woman lead the show. Hillary is smart enough, tough enough, and completely capable of being President.

Apr 2, 07 6:46 pm

at least we don't get libby dole as the token republican

Apr 2, 07 6:51 pm

Obama is gonna hit her like a ton of bricks.

Im so tired of all this machine formula bullshit. How can people even look at edwards and not throw up in thier mouth?

Apr 2, 07 6:56 pm

I'm leaning towards Obama...

He had the forsight to warn what a disaster the invasion would be beforehand whereas Hillary voted for it...

Apr 2, 07 6:59 pm

Bryden, I don't dissagree with you on Bush. Not enough bad things can be said about he and his administration's dreadfuly run military campaign/occupation of Iraq let alone their absolutely vile and reactionary policy in the Middle East in general.

However, just reading about Pelosi's trip to the Middle East made me want to gag. I stand 100% by what I said. Thankfully, I will never be a politician so I don't have to worry about it and apparantly neither do you. It's my opinion.

But one thing that remains true is that not only Pelosi, but a vast majority of American politicians are woefully unqualified to enter into the life of that part of the world with a clear conscience that they want to help and make things better. Usually they have insufferebly wicked ulterior motives (money, elections, popularity, etc). Carter was good, and Clinton wanted to be good but he failed because the lobbies got the best of him. Bush didn't even try, and I am affraid that almost everyone in this current arena will even more impetuous when it comes to this region that to them is one long tale of unintelligible sound and fury.

I think that Obama would be able to be good hearted about it though before he suffers Clinton's unfortunate fate.

Apr 2, 07 7:01 pm

I think Hillary is a god-awful candidate. Too much of a political insider (she just reeks of political smarminess) and is pathetic and fake in her pandering. Keep in mind that she served on the board of WalMart and remember all those previous threads in which we all bash big box retailers that foster unfettered suburban sprawl and strip malls.

I read her profile on Wikipedia and found it interesting that she grew up in a very conservative household and was an active Republican until she went to college.

I don't think the nation can take twelve years of Clinton/Bush corrupt on both sides policy. We need a clean slate. I hope Barack gets it...

Apr 2, 07 7:04 pm

i'm with you dml. a fresh perspective is needed. run barack run.

Apr 2, 07 7:21 pm

tom tancredo officially announces his run

keepin' candates honest and exposing all the amnesty policies ..

Apr 2, 07 7:24 pm

Anybody seen the story (that "somehow") got overlooked by the media and anti-war people:

"In Baghdad, two insurgents passed through a military checkpoint in their car. U.S. forces let their car pass after seeing two children in the backseat. At a Pentagon news briefing, Maj. Gen. Barbaro said, Children...lower suspicion. Agence France-Presse quoting a U.S. military official said the two men in the car then parked it across from a school, ran away from the vehicle, leaving the children behind, and detonated the car."

Yup, that's right - they're using children in their car bombs to sneak past security...

Apr 2, 07 7:24 pm

there is no hope

Apr 2, 07 7:26 pm

Tom Tancredo strikes me as being a rather bigoted buffoon.

Apr 2, 07 7:33 pm

in general, i believe tom tancredo's a chump. there are most certainly worse republicans out there, but not by a whole lot. and besides, he's running now against a certain tommy thompson, who has a lot more tommy to go around. both first and last names are tommy, you see.

i'm not a huge hillary fan, but she's been the one talking the loudest about making higher education more affordable, and since it's been established that 'debt is dumb' many times over on archinect, that should be considered. i doubt i'll vote for her but if she gets people talking about this issue i'll be content as i'm voting for someone else. i am getting very ancy to see some debatin' and healthy political fisticuffin'...

Apr 2, 07 8:45 pm

i want affordable health care and will vote for anybody who has plans for one.

Apr 2, 07 9:02 pm

it's hard to stand up for the lower/middle class and ask our neighbors to respect our laws without being called a bigot.

Apr 2, 07 9:10 pm

i want to save the planet and will vote for whomever has plans and the ability to make this happen.

Apr 2, 07 10:47 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

As a non-american, it looks to me like Hilary is pulling out the big guns early(hefty fundraising, and getting Bill to campaign). I would suggest this means she's very worried about the other candidates, particularly Obama.

Apr 2, 07 11:02 pm

obama..... my vote... the rest can suck it...... they are all in the money chain some how.....

at this point... if obama doenst get in, i'm moving out of the u.s. (prolly not...but good idea)..... i have a french last name so maybe france would be a good spot....haha.... canada is close though.,............. i'm just tired of hearing all this bullshit about war and this and that..... beef up the borders and call it a day.....


Apr 2, 07 11:45 pm

well cryzko, it could be a lot worse...after france opposed the war in 2003 and there was all that freedom fries & wine boycott nonsense inspired by o'reilly & fox news, i was waiting for the day when those of us with french last names would have to flee for france, or quebec at least to escape the grasp of the right-wing masses. but we're still here!

Apr 3, 07 12:08 am

oui, those pesky french.

we definitely coulda defeated the brits without those frogs!

on another note, does anyone else think the debate over "global warming" needs to be rewordsmithed so that it's more about environmental responsibility? i mean, there is no debate that the crap coming out of cars has lead to an increase in asthma...

Apr 3, 07 12:16 am

I don't like Hillary, she's a bandwagon politician and will run any platform that gets her votes, like banning violent videogames.

I don't like McCain, he's an authoritarian in waiting and will likely be even more hawkish than Bush.

I don't like Edwards, 2004, enough said.

The only guy i've seen so far i can stand is Obama, and that's pretty much just comes down to his charisma.

Apr 3, 07 12:31 am

i'd much prefer we have a revolution in '08 instead of an election, and end this two party bullshit and get the constitution out of exile.

Apr 3, 07 12:33 am

I think it's appropriate for me to say this here, I am over thirty-five, I am a natural born American, and I am committed to getting dirty, doing the work of the people. I am here, on Archinect, to announce that I am a candidate for President.

I will provide a chicken in every pot, pot for everyone to smoke, less smoke and more green, more greening than brownings, and less war and more love.

Apr 3, 07 5:05 am

kracklite/garwondler '08

Apr 3, 07 8:28 am

GO-08 !!!

[note that the picture of gore is before he decided to eat his way out of depression!]

Apr 3, 07 9:15 am

i just like that running mate combination because it can be combined into an easy celebrity couple name, not unlike "bennifer" or those other names: behold the "Gorebama"!

Apr 3, 07 9:18 am

"Some call it art. Other call it blasphemy. A new piece of art showing Senator Barack Obama as Jesus Christ is now on display at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago."

Apr 3, 07 9:36 am

Kracklite, id vote for you in a heartbeat.

Apr 3, 07 3:56 pm

Last I checked the elections weren't for another 19 months! Everyone seems to have already decided it's going to come down to Hillary or Obama vs. Guiliani or McCain. By Nov 2008 I'll bet the ballots have maybe one of those names on there, and a good chance none of those names.

That's my prediction in April of 07.

Apr 3, 07 5:05 pm

mc cain ain't off to a great start. i enjoyed this article yesterday with iraqi merchants calling him a liar.

McCain Wrong on Iraq Security, Merchants Say

Apr 3, 07 5:13 pm

that's is another thing though, i hate election years and I resent the fact that this one is gonna go on for 2 years.

Apr 3, 07 5:13 pm

i vote for yoda

Apr 3, 07 9:31 pm

for yoda vote you?

Apr 3, 07 9:36 pm
not without


Apr 4, 07 11:03 am

obama's got bucks: and from a broad donor base, no less!,1,7690969.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed

Apr 4, 07 9:07 pm

Oh, it's on!

Since my announcement 1 short day ago, I have raised, now get this, 24,000,000 lira!

Eat that POSERS!

Me and None Of The Above in 08'!


Apr 4, 07 9:11 pm

i repeat, Kracklite/Garwondler 08!!!

Apr 4, 07 9:48 pm
Lookout Kid

Hillary is a terrible candidate! Everyone outside of New York finds her to be difficult to swallow. She just has this perfect talent for putting her foot in her mouth while grandstanding on some issue of the day.

I'm going with Barack Obama in this election... As the campaign gets further along and people hear more of the same from Hilary, Barack will pounce ahead of her.

Apr 5, 07 12:26 am

i can't believe new yorkers even voted for her, then again i can't imagine how bush got re-elected.

Apr 5, 07 1:36 am

oe said this above...

""Im so tired of all this machine formula bullshit. How can people even look at edwards and not throw up in thier mouth?""

i completely agree... im baffled that people are falling for him! i cant fault him for writing a book... everyone does that now... but i was disgusted by his press conference to announce his wifes cancer has returned, but they are gonna still run... for the american people im sure....
a pathetic play for sympathy and publicity and i am completely disgusted by it.

Apr 5, 07 10:14 am

how obama will deal with the race issue? it will be his biggest challenge. will america elect a black president?

Apr 5, 07 10:22 am

I like Bill Richardson, but then again, by the end of the party nomination process I am usually deeply suspicious of anyone who hasn't quit:

Apr 5, 07 11:03 am

i personally think the less obama deals with the race issue the better off he will be. Its odd to me that it feels like not raising the race issue is the best way to deal with it, but in this case, and for this office, it feels like it is.

Granted, there are probably millions of americans who are unwilling to elect a black man.
And there are probably millions of americans who would support a black mans right to be president, but couldnt vote for one themselves...
but by the time this primary is done, and (if Obama makes it through the primary) when 08 elections come about, i think there are also millions of americans who believe he is the best candidate regardless of race, gender or religion.

on a side note i find it facinating that 3 of the main candidates for the majority parties are a women, a black man and a morman.

i wonder if its a reflection of american mainstream cultures ability to adapt?

or is it a reflection of american mainstream cultures ability to mold?

or perhaps its just a reflection of many americans desire to outwardly express their desire (superficially or not does it matter) to change?

Apr 5, 07 11:04 am

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