incomprehensible jury comments!


The overused comments thread gave me this idea. Here are a few comments I've taken down from crits we've had in the past year. See if they make sense to you.

1. hyperdized filter. I don't even think hyperdized is a word, is it?
2. wedge-iosity - used to describe a wedge shaped floor plan, funnier at the time
3. split the baby - actually a Solomon reference, I believe, but an alarming phrase to many
4. monocipity - cannot even really pronounce this

Overused terms from our commencement speech.
1. dichotomist paradigms
2. cultural pluralism
3. transformative pedagogy - enough, already!

Finally, three words that are used so often I have their meanings taped to my wall. We can thank Kenneth Frampton for this.
1. phenomenology
2. epistemology
3. ontology

Feb 19, 07 11:54 pm

funny!! i didn't know back then and i still dun know it now.

anyone mind to post those meaning for everyone future references? if there is one.

Feb 20, 07 1:36 am
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

presumably 'hyperdised' is 'hybridised'?

Feb 20, 07 2:01 am


annoying isn't it?

i swear people use these phrases to make themselves sound "smart" and make everyone else feel "dumb" because we have no idea what they're saying but everyone nods in agreement or agrees with what is said when the reality is the user probably has no idea what the hell THEY'RE saying either.

frampton seems to be the biggest culprit. i consider myself pretty smart, not a genius, but pretty smart, can read anything, but i'll tell you, i find it near impossible to finish reading any of his work although i have just to satisfy that masochistic side of me. it's like trying to slog through Machiavelli's "The Prince"...

Feb 20, 07 8:01 am

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