Bartlett vs AA


I got an offer from UK architecture schools.

And I have 5-Yr B.arch.

Lucky enough to choose between the Bartlett and the AA for MArch program.


Bartlett (MArch, GAD 12Months Full-time)

AA (MArch, Housing & Urbanism 16Months Full-time)


I don`t have long left to decide

Which do I go for?

May 12, 12 5:42 am


May 12, 12 9:28 am  · 


May 12, 12 1:23 pm  · 



Bartlett is for the British... AA is for the world. 

May 12, 12 3:06 pm  · 

The housing and urbanism program is one of the most under-rated programs at the AA. definitely worth it over UCL

May 12, 12 6:30 pm  · 

go for a visit

May 13, 12 12:05 am  · 

Agree with Paulie - H+U is great.

Spiller who led UCL grad programme left UCL while I don't know whats going on there 2011-12, UCL:10-11 was dismal. :-)

May 13, 12 7:09 am  · 

Thanks, all!

I've been having really hard time to make a decision where to go.

I've heard about the great and strong benefits of AA, and surely AA is one of the best schools for me. and Bartlett is also simply my dream.

However, after searching for the professors, I've changed the mind. I think the program of bartlett is more attractive to me. I still have time to make a choice, but I would like to attend the Bartlett for now. Because of  (Detail major, curriculum, professors, scholarships, duration, etc)



May 20, 12 4:34 am  · 

Hi All,

I received my offer from AA yesterday - I had applied to the M.Arch Housing and Urbanism program (16 months), but was offered a place instead in the M.A Housing and Urbanism Program (12 months). What could be the reason for this? I am going to have a word with the admissions committee but was wondering if anyone had heard of a similar situation before? I am a student from India, and have completed a 5 Year B.Arch program from an Indian University. 

I have also received an offer from TU Delft for the M.Sc Architecture Program (2 years) with a specialisation in Architecture+Dwelling. 

I have to make a decision soon and would love to hear your thoughts on both these programs, the job opportunities after the course etc. I haven't heard much about the AA H+U program and would love to know more before I decide. 

Thank you in advance.

May 26, 12 4:09 am  · 

While I don't know the details of the AA H+U, I will give some background on UK admissions to graduate courses.

It might be some visible weaknesses in your portfolio[speculation on my part], limited travel experience or working experience  -while students will all progress design work in graduate courses, you can't make miracles happen and you cannot judge students entering degree award as the universal standard of achievement - Having looked at many portfolios from around the world, many 'BArch's' achieve a very very pragmatic level of design and not to the standard of higher quality, more critically based design backgrounds. I have seen some portfolios that I would not offer the candidate an undergraduate place.  Weaker candidates are better off entering 2nd year of undergrad courses.

Master courses in general do not teach you how to be a good architect but build upon the excellence you bring to the course to make you an excellent architect.  Thats what the portfolio needs to show - what excellence you bring to the course -

Dissertations both for the MA and MArch are self directed projects so that's why you have to enter with those skills from the start.  

Generally in UK schools it is not a guarantee right to progress to dissertation or extended MArch dissertation phase - you have to achieve a certain level -the MA has a dissertation but it is generally text based and the MArch allows the design based study to be introduced into the project - but in your case you would have to extend your visa if you were later allowed to do the MArch - so you should query it - 

I don't know the specifics of Delfts but MSc are more scientific/technically based course with design often in the background so don't let time just be the determination.

May 26, 12 6:49 am  · 


May 30, 12 1:50 pm  · 


The 16 month course is a Post-professional MArch which means it culminates in a design thesis on top of a research thesis and that you must have a professional degree BArch OR enough work experience to make up for not having a professional degree as demonstrated by your essay and portfolio.  The 12 month is either an MA or an MSc and has less design and does not require a design degree necessarily to get in. 

Hope that helps.

May 30, 12 7:25 pm  · 

from what I understand, you don't need an architecture degree (BArch) to take an MA or MSc course.  There isn't any competition or selection process for it either.  Basically everyone who applies, can usually take the course, unlike an MArch where they are selective of students based on their abilities and past performance.  You do need a BArch for an MArch course also

Jun 1, 12 12:08 am  · 
chatter of clouds

i thought that MA students can transition to the MArch and that it was just a matter of extending the period of study, correct?

Jun 1, 12 2:11 am  · 


No it is almost impossible to extend to MArch if you are on course for an MA or Msc at the AA. I had several classmates who wanted to do this and were denied.

Jun 1, 12 4:45 pm  · 

i have heard of several students extending their msc to m.arch at the AA

Sep 11, 13 4:56 pm  · 
Nader Gebran UK

HI There,

I am admitted in UCL Bartlett school for M Arch Architectural design and in AA for Msc Sustainable Enviromental design, and i am confused which one to choose, which one is more requiered and good to study , any advice?

Apr 13, 16 9:19 am  · 

Happy to answer your question, but its most important for you to first tell us about your background and what you are hoping to achieve with doing a masters.

It does matter.


Apr 15, 16 6:15 am  · 

I have completed my BArch from India and I have been accepted in the following courses-

Master Of Arts in Urban Design – National University Of Singapore
MA Architecture and Urbanism – Manchester School Of Architecture
MSc Architecture and Urban Design – Politecnico Di Milano
MA Housing and Urbanism – AA School Of Architecture

I hope to work in the same country where I have been accepted after I complete my course. Even though I prefer AA School of Architecture over others because of its reputation, I am still confused whether the really high fees that I'll be paying would lead me to a better opportunity/job as compared to other colleges. I have not received a scholarship for any of the course but I will try to apply for student assistantships. 

I have to make a decision soon and I am confused which college to go for. 

Apr 7, 20 3:53 am  · 

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