glass standoff hardware


who makes good clips and standoffs for holding fixed pieces of interior glass ? thanks?

Oct 27, 06 4:53 pm

CR Laurence
Julius Blum

TriPyramid (for extra fancy $tuff)

Oct 27, 06 5:39 pm

I was looking for some standoff hardware when i came across this site: glass standoff hardware

Laurence has more than Standoffs. We offer a complete family of Standoff related products. From our standard line of Round and Square Standoffs, to Custom Standoffs, Cap Assemblies, Tube Style Standoffs, Edge Grips, Slot Mount Standoffs, Accent Rings, Swivel Fittings and Mounting Hardware, has everything you will need to create innovative designs in architecture, store fixtures, signage, and furniture.

Has anyone ever tried to order something from here and is it good?!

thank you

Mar 29, 14 4:45 pm

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