Operable Louvers - Precedents


Hi all,
I am just looking for some examples of projects utilizing operable Louvers as a means of sun control, and to enliven the facade. Any suggestions for interesting precedents?

Oct 23, 06 6:30 pm

Take a look at the Changhua Koos Hotel in Taiwan by SOM. It was published in the book SOM Evolutions by Abby Bussell

Oct 23, 06 10:35 pm

How about Calatrava's Kuwaiti Pavillion. It's nothing but louvres.

Oct 24, 06 6:47 am

not louvers, but still sun control devices...

jean nouvel's institut du monde arabe in paris

Oct 24, 06 10:24 am

Behnisch's Landegirokasse in Stuttgart... best example ever is Steve Baer's house.

Oct 24, 06 10:49 am

morphosis' caltrans

Oct 24, 06 2:32 pm

Early american pattern books included details for incorporating interior shutters that would fold into the thickness of the exterior walls of houses. Pattern books by Asher Benjamin included these details and they were commonly used on Greek Revival residences built in the early 1800's.

Oct 24, 06 6:19 pm
Alan Loomis

The Glendale Federal Savings Bank and Fidelity Federal Savings & Loan Building (also in Glendale) by W.A. Sarmiento (a student of Niemeyer). Info can be found at under "preservation alerts" with photos (of the GFS only, plus the County Courthouse and Municipal Services Building) at under "Glendale Modern"

Cool looking buildings, but the louvers were never really operable...

Oct 24, 06 7:42 pm

AL- coolest building in the valley- good find.

My high school had an aluminum bris-soliel of vertical louvers that had stopped working years ago. building built in early '60's and they were busted by 1980... combo of rusted gears, broken teeth and snapped off fins... be carefull what you wish for...

Oct 24, 06 8:56 pm

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