Parsons, Pratt, NJIT, CCNY - Which one?


I recently got accepted to these schools for MArch 1 (3 yr) and I've read posts about them on this forum but most of them seem old.  How have their reputations changed and in what way?

CCNY - I saw their new facility (on their website) and it seems amazing and their tuition is cheap.  But compared to Pratt/Parsons their reputation doesn't seem as distinguished... I don't really know why though.  Anyone know how their curriculum is like and where most of the graduates go?

Parsons - I know their reputation in the fashion field is respectable but how about their architecture school?  They have been doing some interesting stuff (such as their dual degree in MArch and Lighting Design), and for their inter-disciplinary but they are fairly new.  One thing I was disappointed by is that they charge so much tuition but their facilities (studios and such) were so run down... and not open for 24 hours?  That is just ridiculous..

Pratt - Probably the best reputation out of the group with a strong background and long history, but what is their teaching style?  Very digital? Theoretical? Practical?  Why is their reputation that great?  Professors?  Alumni?  Curriculum?

NJIT - How is their reputation?  For people that live in NYC, they dont even seem to be familiar with that name, although in NJ they are pretty well known.  Is it hard for graduates to get a job in NYC?

For anyone that have graduated from any of these or if anyone knows any "inside scoop" please advise...  Thanks!!

Mar 28, 12 11:33 pm

Anyone? :(

Mar 31, 12 2:58 pm  · 

If I had to choose from that list I'd choose Pratt because I like the environment and they have a lot of access to a bunch of facilities. But being in New York for just about all of them I think you could do well at any of those schools.

Mar 31, 12 5:55 pm  · 

Heyy! is it possible I can connect with you? I might not have a solution but I am definitely in the same confusion, since I got admits in NJIT and CCNY.

Apr 24, 23 10:07 pm  · 

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