Sci-Arc vs CCA(Barch)


I am in the need of someone else's opinion. I am a senior in high school accepted to Sci-Arc and CCA. It seems like sci arc would be a good choice because of how well it's ranked, but how much does this really effect the level job I would be able to get? Part of me thinks that I would enjoy living in SF more than LA but I havnt really herd much about cca in the rankings or anything. Does anyone know about cca's program? And do you think that I would regret choosing cca over sci arc, as far as the level of education I would be receiving? Thanks in advance!

Mar 27, 12 10:15 pm

I am applying for sci arc too but i havent heard anything from them. when did you get your letter or email?

Mar 29, 12 6:42 pm  · 

They sent me an email less then a week ago, Saturday I think. Where else have you applied?

Mar 29, 12 7:45 pm  · 

@rhapswt Yea same, saturday night. I really hope you get in :) @M.A.s Go to SCI-Arc!!!!!

Mar 29, 12 8:08 pm  · 

You should definitely visit both schools, and meet the professors and students. Walk around the studios, ask people questions, and ask what they are working on, how they like the program, etc. They are both great schools with strong programs. Go see for yourself.

Mar 30, 12 5:37 am  · 

i think it's down to personal preference. keep in mind that sci-arc does not have the 'traditional college experience' that you may be looking for and it does not allow you to do inter-disciplinary studies (other than the general electives) which is present at cca. cca is in a great area too. since you're accepted already, you must've been added to the cca facebook group. there's a post in there lately by an architecture student there so it helps.

but yeah, totally agree with userben. what do you see yourself doing? then there is the issue of cost as well... 

Apr 1, 12 11:44 pm  · 

Me too! Same feeling! So how did you choose finally? May I know your decision? Thank you very much!

May 8, 22 1:40 pm  · 

I have not been to LA or SF, not visited their schools, only visited their websites. And I feel the Sci Arc's atmosphere seems kind of serious. LOL. I joined CCA's online meeting, and the teachers seemed nice to me. Just personal feelings.

May 8, 22 1:53 pm  · 

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