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Hey everyone,

I got the admission to Berkeley's [IN]ARCH Summer Program. anybody who participated in it before? I really want to know what you guys did and whether we can produce many work for portfolio.

Mar 14, 12 3:12 am


I found out about this program and applied on the deadline for applications, so I should be hearing if they accepted me and if there is a spot soon.  I read on the program website that 91% of those who applied to Berkeley in 2010 who attended the summer program were admitted to the grad school.  

Any comments from past attendees?  Was it useful for portfolio?  Did you apply for grad school afterward?  Any additional info would be appreciated.


Apr 16, 12 8:04 pm

I'm pretty sure the bit about 91% of those who did the Summer Program then applied to grad at Berkeley is not true.  I took the summer program back in 2010, and though I did not apply to Berk after, a few of my classmates did and were not accepted.  However, we did some projects that were very interesting (mapping in the Embarcadero in San Francisco and a 3D folding exercise that turned into a site specific design), and did some hand drafting as well (we drew to scale plans and sections of instruments).  If you put time and effort into the program you will get some excellent portfolio pieces out of it, no doubt.  I used two projects from the program in my portfolio and was accepted to 5/6 schools to which I applied.

Apr 16, 12 11:09 pm

Thanks for the info.  Right now I am looking at a 3+ program with a degree in Design Management, and while I have taken some studio classes, I don't feel like I have enough strong work to fill out the portfolio.  So if at the very least I get some good projects out of it, I will be happy.

Apr 17, 12 3:42 pm

Sorry to keep reviving this thread, but I was admitted to this summer program at Berkeley and found that the fees are more than I was anticipating.  I have to choose between this program and a trip to Austria and Bavaria I had been saving up for.  

I have taken a semester of arch studio classes at a community college, and while I realize that does not mean I would get something out of the summer course, I already know I want to study architecture (and landscape).  I would probably get some really good projects for my portfolio but I could also take some sculpting classes this summer if I don't go to Berkeley.  

My biggest wonder is how much will going to this program impact my chance of admissions.  I am not sure if it is quantifiable.  I am going to call the admissions department at Berkeley to see if they have anything to say, but other comments would help.  Do summer exploratory programs help in the admissions process in the schools that offer them?  And if so, do they help enough to justify the cost?

Apr 25, 12 3:17 pm

I know someone who did the [IN]city program (urban planning side) and they got into USC, UCLA but not Berkeley.  So I wouldn't bank on going because you think you'll have a better chance of getting into Berkeley if you do their program.

Apr 25, 12 3:54 pm

I am gonna take the UCB summer section 2014. Hopefully, I will do the best job in CED.

Jun 24, 14 5:46 pm

@anchroma - did you call the admissions to check if the summer course is quantifiable? I'm thinking of enrolling into the course but I'm not sure how it will affect the admissions. 


Aug 12, 19 7:53 pm

@kunjdab - I did not end up attending. That was 7 years ago so I imagine it would be good to contact them to ask how it factors now. 


Aug 29, 19 8:48 pm

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