Lacan and architecture?


looking for incidences of Lacan appropriated to architecture.

anything other than Whiteman, Hejduk, Lorens Holm?

Mar 8, 12 8:14 am

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could he help me figure out this one tricky flashing condition? 

Mar 8, 12 12:04 pm

Architecture and Psychoanalysis: Peter Eisenman and Jacques Lacan  by John Shannon Hendrix

Mar 8, 12 12:05 pm

"Architecture and Psychoanalysis: Peter Eisenman and Jacques Lacan draws parallels between key concepts in the writings of Eisenman and Lacan, in the way that Eisenman and Derrida drew parallels in the late 1980s and early 1990s between their own writings. "Because Eisenman rarely refers directly to Lacan, the book has two strategies. It either builds bridges indirectly via other thinkers such as Chomsky or Derrida, to whom Eisenman refers, or directly between Lacan’s concepts and Eisenman’s formal design strategies such as displacement or scaling.  For instance, parallels are drawn between Lacan’s objet petit a, Derrida’s différance (with an “a”), and Eisenman’s “absence of presence”; and between the unconscious (of Freud or Lacan; they are different but not enough to matter in this text), Chomsky’s deep grammar and Eisenman’s syntax. To do so, Hendrix goes directly to Lacan’s most difficult papers (chapeau), including “The function and field of speech…,” “The agency of the letter…,” and “The subversion of the subject…,” which constitute Lacan at his most linguistic; and avoids the more accessible Seminars"

Lorens Holm
School of Architecture, University of Dundee


Mar 8, 12 12:09 pm

Dan Graham, though not an architect but an artist who works closely with architecture, sometime references to Lacan's "mirror stage" in his installations. I think it is the split second reflection of the object, buildings etc.., that creates impressions on the self and its development. Really interesting stuff.

Mar 8, 12 2:18 pm


Mar 10, 12 10:16 am

It is not hard to find lots of stuff about Lacan re:architecture. Google can point you in the right direction. Lacan's direct references to architecture are minimal, but his general significance for architecture (and architecture vis à vis topology and projective geometry) are incredibly rich. You don't have to look far.

Jan 28, 20 10:49 am
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I should note that many architects and theorists who first looked at Lacan's significance for architecture relied on Alan Sheridan's translations, which are, to put it mildly, misleading. Sheridan simply changes what he does not understand, and a whole generation of architecture theorists have relied on his misconceptions. There have been many new translations that make Lacan's relations to architecture not just more evident but indispensable. 

Jan 28, 20 11:19 am

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