anybody know about University of Sharjah in UAE?


I know someone who's going to teach architecture there? Any input?

May 3, 06 6:34 pm
sporadic supernova

It's supposed to be one of the better/reputed educational institutes in UAE... but I wouldn't go there to study even if I was paid to do so.

filled with rich kids... ( or so I hear)

The course is called Architectural Engineering and the degree awarded after 5 year is B.A.E. ( Bachelor of Architectural Engineering). Supposed to have a Good campus, never been there personally. But your friend will be paid well if he/she's gonna be teaching there.

check out the website for more info.

btw are you sure it's "university of Sharjah" ? .. coz there's another one named "American University of Sharjah which is supposed to be better ...

May 4, 06 2:27 am  · 

the university of sharjah does have an architecture program, but the program at the American University of Sharjah is far superior.

yes, there are a large proportion of "rich" kids there (AUS), but it is also a very interesting mix from around the gulf and middle east. from women students totally covered and veiled, to women with very contemporary western fashions.

the campus is a very strange, an oasis in the desert, with very strong symmetry and quasi-classical references. but good facilities for the students.

some very experimental work in a few of the studios. best person to follow is george katodrytis - former AA. he has written some intersting article on dubai and the general urban trends there.

sharjah is about 15 km from dubai itself. traffic makes it difficult to commute long distances, but dubai is probably more interesting to live in than sharjah.


for all the excesses of dubai and the development going on - you can't dismiss it. something else is emerging. worth experiencing.

May 4, 06 2:43 am  · 
sporadic supernova

Dubai "IS" more interesting than Sharjah ....

period ... :D

May 4, 06 2:56 am  · 

Best Palces to visit in Sharjah

Jul 31, 20 3:19 am  · 

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