dear pratt, where is my rejection letter?


seriously, i sent in my application over two months ago. i've already sent a deposit to another school. you were my fallback's fallback, in the worst kind of way. pratt, i'm not saying that things could never have worked out for us in this mixed-up crazy world. i guess i'm just looking for some kind of closure. so pratt, why won't you just write me?

Apr 17, 06 10:19 pm
Cherith Cutestory

dear pratt-

i really wanted to go to your school. i bugged friends and coworkers for months with my non-stop talk of moving to new york. i waited at the mail box every day for your letter, and was bugged when it was from some other school. but then your letter came, and it was less than i expected. "received open at post office" the tattered package said, that looked like it had not only arrived oped, but had fallen off the airplane, ran-over by a 747, and then mailed to my address. And what of your contents?? No information about your school or program, but instead some cheesy book about finicial aid and getting shoots. And what of your letter... no words of praise or congrats, just some boring form letter informing me i was in and when i needed to leave a deposit. why, oh why pratt must you be the hurtful kind? don't you love me as i love you?? well, i don't need an abusive relationship with you anyway. I was much more of a west coast man myself, but maybe you should learn to play nice with others.

Apr 18, 06 1:30 am

dear pratt-

i am really confused about our relationship. you smother me too much and I don't like it when people try to hard to impress me. up north there is another school waiting for me. I know, I know, I gave you my promise and my deposits. But as of now I am considering, yet again, this relationship.

Apr 18, 06 3:13 pm

I feel much better now knowing that I was one of many. Is anyone goign to Pratt?

Apr 18, 06 4:02 pm

dear pratt-

I wrote you for information...but never heard back.
Have you no interest in taking my money.

Apr 18, 06 4:16 pm

good question there anybody who can tell us some about this school

Apr 18, 06 4:21 pm
Cherith Cutestory

actually, i had a friend of a friend who just graduated from the masters program. I posted his email in a forum titled:

pratt vs. parsons.

if i was cool i would link you to it, but these criptic instructions below don't make a lot of sense. anyway, you can get some good info. there.

on a similiar note:

dear ut-austin:

i never meant to go your school. you were always the safety. okay, so maybe my attitude from the start upset you. did it reflect in my application? maybe it was my portfolio that set you off? but all i really wanted was just a stupid letter, even an email would suffice, it sure did for princeton. i just want to know where i stand. you would complete my collection. i'm still not going to you, but i think that my application fee warrents some closure. a phone call?? carrier pigeon?? ...text message??

Apr 18, 06 4:33 pm

After 2+ months, and a few voicemails, i finally got to talk with an actual person at pratt. Turns out that the department was still reviewing my application. So, in the interest of easing their application burden, I withdrew mine. I have a feeling that pratt is chock full of professors who take the entire semester to get a paper back to you. I'm just a little perturbed that after the work put into the application and (i'll be cheap here) the application fee, I have nothing.

Apr 25, 06 12:35 pm

I think there is a Pratt professor floating around archinect. I can't remember who it is though.

Apr 25, 06 4:19 pm

My envelope finally came (maybe they hand write the some type of sweet calligraphy) - It never made it in the door!

Regardless what the contents - my decision was already made....and I am quite focused (and excited).

Apr 28, 06 10:13 am

there was a package waiting for me when i got home yesterday, from pratt. i was a bit confused, did a "we note that you have withdrawn your application” letter need to be so heavy? when i opened it, i found a copy of their 05-07 bulletin with a blank application. if this wasn't so annoying, it would be funny. i remember requesting an application back in november, is this it? 5 months later?

May 5, 06 11:11 am

ah, it's that time again....

dear pratt,
I like you. I really do. I think I may want to be with you- maybe not forever, but for the next two years- and I thought you might feel the same way. But you leave me confused. You give my information to loan corporations who spam me, using my attraction to you as a way to get at my wallet. They say that you told them that you like me, but when I call, you refuse to confirm it. What's going on?

Your loving,

Mar 13, 07 2:17 pm

dear Pratt

thanks for the crabs

Mar 13, 07 2:32 pm
Chili Davis

While we're on the topic...


Your web pages are nice. Very nice. Unfortunately, my father, who will be heavily funding my education, has yet to determine how to turn on a PC, let alone visit your websites. When I send emails to your admissions departments, I learn that you no longer print materials, and they are only viewable on the website. It's too bad. I bet Illinois is nice this year. and Ann Arbor too. Looks like I'll be hading to one of those schools who still knows how to print materials. Hello Boston, New York, Rhode Island or Ohio! Did I meantion my dad is loaded? And generous?

Your no longer potential grad student,

Chili Davis

Mar 13, 07 2:34 pm


Your dad is loaded??? Like an XREF???

Mar 13, 07 2:37 pm

I think in that termonology, we would call my dad 'un-loaded'.

Mar 13, 07 2:38 pm

Dear Pratt,

Your website is so crappy. Therefore, I didn't apply.
By the way, you want me to make you a new site?

Mar 13, 07 2:39 pm

ding, if you've visited recently you'd know that Pentagram already did. I wish I liked it more, because I love Pentagram's print and environmental graphics work, but I can't get past the lack of content on that damn website.

Mar 13, 07 2:45 pm
Chili Davis

Loaded is a relative term. He has a lot more money than I do. The generous part was a lie though. I think someone used the BIND command because he is quite attached to his money.

Mar 13, 07 2:59 pm

Dear Pratt,

You are located in Brooklyn, NY. Rock on.

Mar 13, 07 3:46 pm

colcol... you need to be a little more optimistic... come on you can make that shit happen!!!

Mar 13, 07 4:14 pm

Trying not to call UCLA each day... like an adolescent with a new crush...

maybe this week they will make decisions. (march II).
...Also hoping they do not have caller id.

Mar 13, 07 4:40 pm
vado retro

my dad was like an xref too. DETACHED...

Mar 13, 07 4:44 pm

dear pratt,

despite living half a mile from your admissions office and hand delivering my application, i received by acceptance as a tattered, clear-packaging-tape-encased lump of marbled goo which seemed to have traveled across the country and back again to arrive at my doorstep.

i also receive emails as if i was a student there, despite my begs and pleas to be taken off the list.

what the f is wrong with this school?!?!?!

Mar 14, 07 10:19 am

liz- when did you get your acceptance?! I didn't know they were going out already... (checks mailbox nervously)

Mar 14, 07 10:41 am

no no no this was last year... so not to worry... i didnt get my pratt one until like may...

Mar 14, 07 1:03 pm
two-headed boy

its spring break at pratt but yesterday there were a bunch of professors sitting in the grad office around a box of portfolios. Best of luck!

Mar 14, 07 3:12 pm
vado retro

i received my acceptance letter yesterday. it was nestled between several offers for student loan consolidation!!!

Mar 14, 07 3:31 pm

Dear Pratt Applicates,

I you will send $500.00 to my account in the Grande Cayman Islands I will be sure you hear from the Pratt Admissions department in very short order.

Mar 14, 07 7:42 pm

dear pratt,

i heard a few famous people taught at your prestigious institution.
you've even had some impressive students.

what happened?

Mar 14, 07 10:35 pm
two-headed boy

ya, you big dumb tattered acceptance letter sender!

Mar 15, 07 12:23 am

Hello 2007 Pratt applicants....
I see some people have already been accepted? I am the only one not to have heard anything yet???

Mar 19, 07 8:40 pm

No. Me too. I emailed them today and told them to get their asses in gear.

Mar 19, 07 11:43 pm

Nice Buckity!! Thanks.

Mar 20, 07 12:42 am

Ummmm..... you could always just call and ask em them.

Mar 24, 07 2:05 pm

Kill The Brick .

Mar 24, 07 3:09 pm

you sure you didn't mess up the address on your application:

Pat School of Architecture
Ney Yerk, Ney Yerk

Mar 24, 07 6:47 pm

i too have not yet heard back from pratt!!! (or cornell for that matter). its weird, that school seems TERRIBLY disorganized.

i was in NY last week and while i was there, i wanted to see pratt. i left a message a week before i was there to visit and nobody returned my call. then, 2 weeks later someone did. i said "i was already in NY, and now im back, that voicemail is weeks old!" also, a few months ago it also took them about a week to return my call. by the time they returned it, i forgot my question. also, i talked to grad stuents there about their experience there adn they said its so disorganized that for hte first few weeks of hte semester nobody knows what classes are where or when or who they are taught by. when i went to visit, a freshman undergrad fashion student led me around the arhcitecture dept but didnt know a single goddamn thing abou the building or the arch. dept and kept aplogizing about it.

nobody helps you there, nobody knows jack SHIT about what is going on.

and no....i havent gotten a rejection or acceptance. in any event, im not interested.

Mar 25, 07 4:07 am

The graduate architecture department began sending out letters last week as we stated on our website and in my email to applicants. Please feel free to contact me if you haven't received your decision. I know it's stressful waiting.

Judith Aaron
Vice President for Enrollment

Mar 25, 07 1:48 pm

The previous email was for students who applied to Pratt.

Mar 25, 07 1:49 pm

Dear Admissions,

If you really made that post, up there on 3/25/07, it doesn't look good that you've got admissions officers informing applicants via internet message board. You should email the applicants, even if you've already emailed them. You know someone would mention your response, if not copy-paste the entire email, within 5 seconds of receipt, anyway.

If the post was by someone who got that email and is pretending to be you, I'm sorry, and I redact the above. But since the history of past disorganization has set up the situation such that it is plausible that you might just communicate with us here, I'm unable to feel very bad on your behalf. I think we all assume that admissions people could potentially be lurking here and reading all of our anxiety miseries, but that was simply too weird. It's like when my mother walked in on me rocking out to metal in my room as a teenager - she knew I did it, and I knew she heard me, but it got so uncomfortable when we came face to face as I was screaming "REPETITION GETS YOU SO FAR... BUT IT KILLS... FROM WITHIIIIINNNNNNN! FROM WITHIIIIIIINNNN!" whilst playing air-bass.

Just, wow.


Apr 2, 07 1:05 pm

Well, I've left Ms. Aaron a message. We'll see whether that gets me any further towards knowing what's going on than previous attempts.

Apr 2, 07 1:14 pm

Ms. Aaron is out and has been out for several months (broken leg or something they said), according to the Pratt person I just spoke with on the phone, so don't bother leaving her any messages.

Apr 2, 07 2:27 pm

hah! That's just great. WTF is wrong with someone to post that shit then?

Apr 2, 07 2:35 pm

Please feel free to email me at I'm working from home and responding to all emails immediately. The decisions are sent out by the graduate architecture department, and I have been following up on individual students who have emailed me.

I'm sorry that I can't do more.

Judy Aaron

Apr 2, 07 2:40 pm

ah, my apologies. I had assumed that since you seemed to be incapacitated, the person who had posted was actually somebody pretending to be you.

Apr 2, 07 2:42 pm

No, it posted it so I could follow up for students who emailed me.

I have never gone on this site before but a faculty member sent it to me after seeing complaints, and I've been trying to help although grad admissions is not done in admissions.


Apr 2, 07 2:45 pm

Ms. Aaron, thank you for helping us all out! We appreciate it!

Apr 2, 07 3:01 pm

My pleasure.

Apr 2, 07 3:06 pm

Not sure how I ended up on this conversation that ended 13 years ago but i've been wondering about when my letter will come and i'm assuming there is going to be a similar situation as the ones above

Feb 25, 20 10:27 am


Feb 25, 20 10:27 am

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