Groundhog Day or What About Bob?


My friends, Groundhog Day has always been one of my favorite movies. Recently, though, I have watched What About Bob a few times, and I'm starting to wonder if it doesn't rival the warm and dark hilarity of Groundhog Day.
I'm seriously in limbo now as to choose which is Bill Murray's greater roll.

Can someone please offer me some opinions on either movie?

Jul 7, 04 4:35 pm

Have you seen Lost in Translation.... It is defiantly Bill Murray's greatest role. Far better than groundhog day or what about bob.

check it out.

Jul 7, 04 4:39 pm
buffalo fill

I believe Rushmore should be on the list as well.

Jul 7, 04 4:40 pm
Bryan Finoki

If you are in SF the Roxie theater is having a Bill Murray Marathon.

Jul 7, 04 4:42 pm

bfunk - another film of note to be playing at the SF Roxie is Rivers and Tides : Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time

Jul 7, 04 4:48 pm

Groundhog Day for sure over What About Bob, though you should also see Quick Change -- the 3 together would be a great box set.

I keep wanting the dvd of GHDay so I can count how many days he actually goes through. Is there anyone who has done this and knows?

Lost in Translation and Rushmore (and Royal Tennanbaum's) are great in there own right, but I don't think they're in the same vein as these others.

Jul 7, 04 4:49 pm

Royal Tenebaums takes a close close second to Caddyshack and Ghostbusters (1) is in a near third. I would say all the previously mentioned movies don't hold a match to those classic Murray performances. Lost in Translation is a great film...but it juust doesn't do Bill right.

Jul 7, 04 4:52 pm
buffalo fill

It seems that Groundhog Day has stood the test of time better than What About Bob. Therefore, I think GDay is the more appropriate choice.

Jul 7, 04 4:52 pm
le bossman

groundhog day is better, but i definitely like lost in translation better than any bill murray movie. that chick in it is hot also, my type.

Jul 7, 04 4:56 pm

how can the role of Carl spackle played by bill Murray in caddy shack ever be beaten? with such great lines as "Cinderella story here at Augusta, from greens keeper to professional golfer. he is about 346 yards out, looks like he has a 5 iron...he hits it...its in the hole!!"
and "I don't think the heavy stuff is going to come down for quite some time"
and of course " if I kill all the golfers they will lock me up and throw away the key. ohh gofers, we don't even need a reason to do that"

Jul 7, 04 4:59 pm

sorry...Carl Spakler

Jul 7, 04 4:59 pm
le bossman

well, okay...but its definitely a different strain of movie, and a different kind of humor. the reason i like lost in translation is that it is an anomaly in murray's work, and deals with all sorts of issues he hasn't dealt with in the past. it is even a comedy as much as it is just an awkward film.

Jul 7, 04 5:03 pm
Bryan Finoki


Rivers & Tides is a well done film, I thought, a fluid cinematic revelation much like his work itself. Have you seen it yet? I reccomend it to anyone who has not.

Jul 7, 04 5:11 pm

For starters, I have seen Lost in Translation and Rushmore and Royal Tennenbaums...Murray got rooked for the Oscar for Translation.
But...I'm not talking about those movies!

Anyhow, Groundhog Day gets my vote, because I've really said prayers that I could one day have that happen to my life.

Jul 7, 04 5:12 pm

all these are great films, but groundhog's day gets my vote.
other murray classics, in my opinion, are in no particular order:
cradle will rock, scrooged, kingpin, stripes, the man who knew to little
with cradle will rock taking best picture and the others just being perfect vehicles for murrays cheeseball slapstick.

Jul 7, 04 5:33 pm

Has anyone seen the german film Gegen Die Wand? I saw it in Germany a few months ago. It's an excellent film. (not that it has anything to due with bill murray) Does anyone know when it is going to be released in the US?

Jul 7, 04 6:24 pm

ok so no one here has heard of STRIPES? One of the funniest anti-military films EVER!

Jul 7, 04 6:26 pm


but from the two, What About Bob-- R.Dreyfus is great in that.

Jul 7, 04 7:26 pm

I had a friend visit me when I lived in New Hampshire who was thrilled when I drove her to see Like Winnipesaukee, because she loved What About Bob so much. It's a good movie, to be sure, but I have to vote Groundhog Day. Much more fun.

Jul 7, 04 7:35 pm

I love the Tourettes scene in What About Bob. Like anyone can just will that upon themselves!
I always wanted Tourettes as a child, I still want it badly.

Jul 7, 04 7:55 pm


Jul 8, 04 12:28 am

"I'm betting he's gonna swerve first..."

Groundhog Day is the better of the two. It's really one of the better vehicles for Murray's type of comedy, not to mention that's it was an incredibly innovative plot for a movie. It also offers Murray an opportunity to portray a character who actually experiences personal growth and maturation while still delivering the lines and looks that we expect from him.

Personally, I've never had the urge to watch What About Bob over and over or own it on dvd.

Jul 8, 04 1:42 am


Jul 8, 04 9:32 am

"so i'v got that going for me, which is nice"

Jul 8, 04 9:55 am
the righteous fist

lol, now watch this drive

Jul 8, 04 10:07 am

Has anyone else noticed that Groundhog Day gets funnier each time you watch it?

Odd how that happens, given the storyline of the movie.

Jul 8, 04 11:26 am


"why did the chicken cross the road?"
"to get to the other side, SIR!"

Jul 8, 04 11:37 am

I wanna party with you cowboy. You and me together? Forget it!

Jul 8, 04 2:19 pm

groundhog day!

Feb 2, 13 12:56 pm

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