Rhinoscript vs. Python?


I'm about to launch into a full scale, self-education endeavor to learn scripting. I have been told that it is better, at this point, to learn how to script in Python as with the upcoming release of Rhino 5.0 it will be supported.


Can anyone offer insight, and pros/cons to each language? What benefits does each hold within the realm of scripting in Rhino? Would scripting in Python be easier to learn? As I understand it, Python also has a broad array of applications outside of modeling... is the same true of Rhinoscript/VBscript?


Which one? D:

Apr 20, 11 5:24 pm

do you have any scripting/coding experience?  I guess start with python - probably more useful (lots of 3D apps use it) and slightly easier to understand.  revit uses VB, but I think someone wrote a python shell for it.  IMO once you learn some basic computer programming concepts you can easily move between languages so it won't really matter what you pick up.  also - if you only want to do some basic stuff you really only need to understand a few things, but if you want to become an expert it'll take a few years no matter what language you learn.

Apr 20, 11 6:20 pm

Python is a full blown cross platform programming language.


Rhinoscript is a dumbed down scripting language for Visual Basic that only works in one application.


You are asking if you should build a coffee table or a skyscraper.


Good luck learning the former. The latter seems a wee bit more doable.

Apr 20, 11 6:31 pm

actually - I take that back - it depends on what you want to do with rhino - for most people grasshopper is enough - but if you realize that you want to do more, then start delving into whatever scripting language works for your purposes.  If you start from trying to understand a programming language first and then going back and applying it to an application, you're not going to get as much out of it.  I think you'll be able to apply some python skills across apps, but why learn a whole language if all you're doing is running dumb macros that could be done within the application?

Apr 20, 11 6:43 pm

what i'll be doing is just writing scripts/macros for my own modeling purposes. i probably will stick with vbscript because i can more easily gain proficiency with grasshopper.


rusty, building a skyscraper is more doable than building a coffee table??

Apr 20, 11 7:55 pm

you got me there jk3hl, you clever script money you :)

Apr 20, 11 9:05 pm

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